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Reductil ? ? ?


Starting again...

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Yep.. a girl on my yard (horses) has just been put on it... sounds a bit iffy to me. The side effects are dry mouth and lack of sleep.... which if any of you have 'dabbled' are what speed is like. (makes me sound a lot worse than i have been...).

Speed has long been used by people to lose weight as it speeds up your metabolism.
BUT it can cause heart probs, etc.

The dr's are testing her pulse, blood pressure and weight in 2 weeks... she didn't take it yesterday so she could get some sleep as she's been sleeping 1 hour a night!!!!
I took Reductil for a while before I discovered CD. It did kill my appetite to a large extent (not completely!), but it made me feel very anxious generally, sort of 'freaked out' all the time, if you know what I mean?! After a few weeks my blood pressure went up and my GP said I had to come off it - I was quite relieved in a way!
PS. Also tried Xenical -eurghh!!
i have also been on reductil, i lost a stone in a month, and found them great, but i had to come of them because they caused my blood pressure to rise that much that the GP wanted to admit me to hospital. It took 6 weeks after stopping them for my blood pressure to come down back to normal, [i do not suffer with blood pressure]. Be really carefull on these. Excenical are much better with not so many side effects, ask your GP about these. xxx
Oh the side effect you have on xcenical are; if you eat to much it will run out of you, no matter were you are, eeee.

But it dose make you think about what your eating and how much fat it contains. xxx

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I was on Reductil for a while & found it good at the time, it isn't speed actually but affects your HTP levels which are the feel good hormones & help you to feel full..

I didn't actually find that it stopped me from feeling hungry but rather that it helped me recognise the feeling of being full... I lost about a stone quite quickly, was doing the Cabbage Soup Diet at the same time...

Only thing is that my BP soared, I never had BP problems even when I was pregnant, got terrible headaches & had to go on a 25hr BP monitor....

In the end I HAD to come off them without even finishing the month & it took months to get my BP back down... had to take daily medication & even now months later I have to have my BP checked regularly..

I don't know anything about this drug but it sounds scary to me and I would definitely stay clear. There are much better ways as we all know here I think.

Good thread though as we are getting real life experiences here!

Dizzy x
HI I was on Reductil in 2001 had very hot flushes and heart palpatations so came off it,it wotked though I think I lost 8 lbs in the 1st 2 weeks?
All I can say is don't go there! I lost 4 stone in 3 months on Reductil!! WOW you say but I was so ill palpatations, sweats, very high BP! was high as a kite! oh and I fell pregnant on it!!! Which was scary as ended up having to have my babies heart scaned while I was still pregnant. I was so told I was very lucky she was ok as Reductil can cause major heart defects in babies in the womb. And also problems with the placenta which I ended up having and had to be induced early. And was very ill after giving birth.
Anyway, as all slimming tablets I put on the weight and more after I stopped.
I know you have to have a break from CD for a while me too so I've been just cutting down my portions and eating the right things. And I've still lost weight not alot but at least I've lost.
Really look into all your options before going the reductil route.
Good luck

Kamilla x

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Loves weight.. training!
Blimey Kam that's scary! :eek: :eek:


Starting again...
WOW thanks for your comments ! Sounds a bit scarey, I will stick to low portion sizes lol


Starting again...
Hey all,well i have had a different experiece with Reductil i was on it and lost 5 stone in just under 14 weeks and had no side effects at all.
Have recently started taking it again and my bp is fine.
So it looks like it affect different peeps in different ways x
Thanks to be honest I have seriously been considering it!:eek: :)


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Hi 5stl, if you want to give it a go then you should.....if you dont try it you'll never know if it works for you or not...everyone is different! I've never even heard of it, but your doc probably wouldnt prescribe it if it was a bad idea for you. How are you doing since you stopped CD?
hi guys!

Ive just been prescribed xenical by my doctor.

Not sure if thats a good or bad thing......mmmm

I agree with Kazz 100% if u dont try them you will eva know as were all different

Plus u only get the runs on xenical if ur eating fatty foods, SO if u get the runs it means ur eating the wrong types of food - SIMPLE AS!!!

i was on reductil for a year as an anti depressant ..........monitored bp every 4 weeks ..........lost about 7 lbs .........felt fuzzy on it ..........each to their own xx

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