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Refeed Plan ...... :)


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So, am starting refeed a week today ... very excited as i feel i am finally ready to get this eating malarky under control! :D

So here is my plan for week 1.

Day 1
D- Baked chicken breast with lemon & pepper. 2tbsp cooked veg.

Day 2
L- Boiled egg & Tuna salad. (mixed salad leaves, cucumber, orange pepper, red onion & tomatoe) LF vinegarette.
D- Baked chicken breast with lemon & pepper. 2tbsp cooked veg.

Day 3
L- Baked jacket potatoe (6-8oz) with chicken style quorn pieces mixed with LF From Frais & curry spice. Small side salad.
D- Boiled egg & tuna salad.

Day 4
L- Ham salad sandwich on 2 slices of wholemeal bread with LF FF mixed with a little mustard. LF Yogurt & piece of fruit.
D- Baked salmon fillet with pepper, mashed potatoe mixed with LF FF & herbs and 2tbsp cooked veg.

Day 5
L- Baked jacket potatoe with prawns mixed with LF FF & paprika spice. Small side salad. LF Yogurt & piece of fruit.
D - Boiled egg & ham salad. Lf Vinegarette. LF Yogurt.

Day 6
L- Quorn pieces sandwich mixed with LF FF & herbs & salad leaves. Piece fruit.
D- Home made curry (recipe posted on here the other day) with wholemeal rice. LF Yogurt.

Day 7
L- Quorn piece sandwich mixed with LF FF & curry spice with salad leaves. LF Yogurt & fruit.
D- Turkey mince bolognaise with LF bolognaise sauce & wholemeal spaghetti.

So what do we all think?
I've pretty much copied my last refeed i did apart from ive added quorn chicken style pieces and the curry on the saturday night as all the ingredients for that are allowed.

Im looking forward to that the most! :drool: mmmm :) xxx
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A little of everything!
Okay- you're making me drool, but thought I'd ask- you have egg & "x" salad a few times- I had thought that if you had an egg, you had it instead of your meat/fish portion of that meal, not with?
I must get some quorn to try too...


A little of everything!
"LT's Response To Eggs & Fat Free Mayonnaise
After emailing 3 times i finally got a response:

You can have 2 eggs from day1 on the refeed week in place of the protein portion (chicken or fish)
Use the lowest fat mayonnaise you can find.
So am guessing my tuna and egg salad isnt allowed but plain egg salad is :D yum! "

From your last refeed escapade! ;) Or are you having 1 egg and half a meat/fish portion? That would be okay I imagine?


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Yup - 1 egg and half a tin of tuna irish :) This is what i did last time :)

The quorn style pieces i cant wait to try - my bf likes them so i know i will and ive got 3 bags of them in the freezer as they were on offer a couple of weeks ago like 88p a bag :) Bargain! lol


A little of everything!
Good plan!! I must start stocking up on stuff like frozen tuna/salmon/chicken and herbs again. Can you freeze l/f fromage frais/yoghurt? It'd be great if you could- I'd freeze it in portion sizes so it didn't go off before I could use it!
I haven't got around to counting up my remaining shakes yet, but reckon I've at least a week and a half left? Will check later.


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Oooh so you are not far off refeed then chick! :)

Last time on refeed i checked to see if i could freeze the FF and you couldnt. If you wanted to though i guess read the tub before you buy one. That'd be a good idea though to freeze it!

I've been stocking up since i started TFR again as last time i totally skinted myself out for the month as i had to buy shakes and a big shop at the beginning etc. So ive got quorn pieces in the freezer when they was on offer 88p a bag. Frozen chicken breasts 5 for £2.99 ... got 2 bags of them! Got lots of frozen veg and ive also got some frozen ready meals that were reduced, all were less than £2 and all under 400cals. They are for when i am off refeed though! :giggle:

I find sunday mornings are best for shopping irish, get to the supermarket when it opens and youll get a few bargains! ;) I love it! Im straight to the fridged bargain section in sainsburys on a sunday morning! :rotflmao: !!!! :)


A little of everything!
Sainsburys is great, especially their own-brand stuff- but I love Iceland too- especially for fish portions?
Stop it- you're making me hungry! LOL!!


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Ive never ventrured to iceland ... maybe i should?
Are the fish portions actual fish though?
I always imagine iceland to use any old rubbish and bung it together and class it as a fish fillet or something - thats how they can sell it so cheap....or is that just me being over paranoid about fish?! haha
Your menu sounds terrific, so delicious. My mouth is watering. I only had plain chicken and salad with balsamic vinegar last time so I might be a bit more adventurous this time round if it still works as well.


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Go for it nenya :) xxx
oh my god - looks amazing. can't wait!

i thought we were only allowed white fish in the first week tho? i see salmon here which very much excites me if its allowed!! are we allowed rainbow trout as well does anyone know? the pink one? xxx
Woohoo I'm joining the refeeding train this weekend! Will definitely nick some of your ideas Tanya :)

I did a schedule for week 1 a couple of months ago, so will review that and get planning for my first meal since 15th March :) :)


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oooh elle!!! How the bloomin eck are you? You haven't been around in a few days!

Yeah SL salmon is allowed, but i think cuz its considered an 'oily' fish its reccomended only once or twice a week ... or something like that! lol

Im very excited! counting down the shakes till first meal .... 19 to go!:D
Ha ha glad its not just me counting down the shakes, only 15 for me! lol

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