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refeed questions

hey guys
i started refeed on thursday (reluctantly) and im struggling with it already. its not that i want to eat its that i cant eat everything it says to eat. i am having a lipotrim product in morning chicken salad (lettuce onion peppers cucumber tomato) in afternoon and should be having another lipotrim product in the evening but cant. it feels like i have eaten loads and already feel bloated. its not good anyone any suggestions? x x
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Don't know what to suggest, try having the meal in the evening that way it does not matter if u leave some...

I had the same problem, but only when I went onto day 2 and beyond, there was just way too much food so I just cut it down a bit... A small tin of tuna was better than the chicken breast for example, and s sandwich on low gi bread was great, couldn't eat all the snacks they recommended so made some low gi granola and had it with some yogurt...

You have to use your common sense I think... You don't want to eat when your not hungry cause to me it kind of defeats the object of shrinking your tummy on TFR

Know what I mean... I should of asked at the beginning, are you doing standard refeed ? Ie in a week ?
thanks for the advice. i dont really know what i am doing lol this was unplanned for me. at the minute i am just on day 1 and think i plan to stay on day 1 for a while lol i dont want to put any carbs in my system as i plan on going back to tfr asap definatly by end of month i just dont want to gain weight :-(
x x x
I only ate one meal a day, I think, most of the time as I just couldn't manage lunch and dinner. It's been 6 weeks now, maybe 7, and I still don't have much of an appetite. I'm ok when I start eating but I very rarely think, god I'm hungry. I don't miss meals though cos I'm trying to get over my anaemia but I try very hard to make sure that I eat good stuff as if I have something, say a chocolate biscuit, then I find that I can't stomach a meal too.

Just make sure that what you do eat is of good nutritional value and you'll be fine.
i am eating nutritional food and for the first time actually enjoying the salad lol i am not going to force myself to eat and if i can get one product and one meal into me thats fine but i wont force the other product. do you know can i have pickled onions on my salad? x x x
Pickled onions and pickled beets and cabbage are allowed as far as i remember... Your definately allowed onion beetroot and cabage and your definately allowed vinegar... Sooooo lol xx
woo hoo lol i love pickled onions and im excited for dinner time now lol x x
so so hopefull said:
woo hoo lol i love pickled onions and im excited for dinner time now lol x x
Lol I love chicken soup, I'm so excited for dinner time now ;o) pmsl only joking enjoy your pickles lol
strange as it sounds i do love the chicken soups lol and im actually missing them lol x x
To be honest so do I lol and my OH is swearing by them too

He said he wouldnt have made it past day 2 if it wasn't for a hot dinner in the soup

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