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Refeed Spag Bol

So who can figure out how many calories are in the refeed chart meal (lean mince, 4o pasta) :rolleyes:
i made it tonight using whole wheat spaghetti and 4oz mince and everywhere i looked up on the net is troing cumplete random numbers at me ... i wana make it again cus it was lush:D but i like to know how many calories it is at the end of the day ... Any help is a big thank u:)
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I will be skinny again!!!
well 230g wholemeal spaghetti = about 260 calories!
It would depend on how lean your mince was. Do you still have the packaging? the calories should be on there.
ya but arent we onli allowed use 4oz (115g) cooked spagetti? (which isnt alot:( )
i use 4oz of 95% lean mince... i worked it out at sumthing cumpletly random im sure haha:D this calorie counting biz jus isnt for me id say hahah


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4oz is enough pasta.

You should make a habit of looking at the packaging and working the calories out that way :)

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