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Refeeding diary


Positivity is the key
Hi All,
happy today as I lost one and a half pounds. I had envisaged a gain, just because I was eating again, not because I ate anything bad for me.
This is second week and today has been good again, able to make healthy choices and can't get over the feeling of being full and satisfied after food. Don't much recall that before now.
I have no cravings for sweet things, though I could eat a whole pullet of cherry tomatoes in one go, if left.
Joining weight watchers tomorrow as an aside, still staying on one maintenance bar a day for the next month I think, feel I lost so much I need to keep a rein on it.
It is good to feel in control of my eating and not worried about what I eat as I know it is good food.
I am not so naive as to think I may not be faced with a dilemma some day soon but for now I am happy that I am in control.
Here's to a good week.
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Life is not a Rehersal!
Go girl!!!! Well done you! I know you will make the right choices and that is lovely to know.

Will be thinking of you for your first WW meeting! Not going to say Good Luck, cause you dont need that :)

Hope you have a great week and Mary is brill on the WW diet (arent you Mary) so I am sure she will give you any advice/tips you need :)

Take care sweetie!!!
Well done can't wait till I reach my goal weight I've already being planning on what healthy foods I can eat :) It's great to hear you are getting on well and you are in control


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
well done honey :)
are you having a maint bar as a meal replacement yeah? x


maintaining since June'09
Well done Doirin - it's a challenge for sure but we CAN do it!! And you're proving it :) xx


maintaining since June'09
Well done Doirin! It's a challenge that's for sure - but it can be done and you're proving it! :) xx


Positivity is the key
hi All,
thanks for the messages. Well it's weigh in day tomorrow and this time I definetly envisage a gain. Feel like TOTM is due, bloated and craving, though not caved. However although I am doing WW and am under my recommended points almost every day, bar yesterday when I went over I feel like I have gained a bit.
By my scales at home which I just replaced the battery in I am at least 4lb up on what I was 2 weeks ago. It's deciding what to do really, do I do the maintenance bar thing, which I am doing sometimes, or go for the point system wholly.
I still haven't had chocolate, crisps or alcohol, not that I drink much now anyway but although I am eating well I wonder if I am having too much bread. My potatoes, pasta, rice have been weighed properly and not over there, eat more veg than meat as well so don't know what it is I am doing wrong. Doing the vibroplate morning and night for 20 minutes at a time, getting in a walk most lunchtimes and other bits of exercise if I can some days. Is it just because I am now eating and not using the maintenance products that I have filled my gylogen stores and and and..... so many question. Will just have to wait till tomorrow to see what the full extent of it is and work from there.


maintaining since June'09
Hmmmm - If you refed properly your glycogen stores would have been refilled in the correct way so going on to WW shouldn't REALLY have affected them I wouldn't have thought.
See how you get on tomorrow - you might be worrying about nothing. If you have had a gain perhaps you might think about your carbs and changing them to the lowest GI ones?

Try not to be disheartened - you (WE!) WILL get there in the end! :):)

Good Luck with the WI xx


Positivity is the key
Hi JanD,
thanks for that message, well the weigh in was done and it was as I imagined, I gained, 4 whole pounds to be correct, what the ........!!!!!!!!
I now know why it happened though and knowledge is power they say but too late for this week.
Here I go now abdicating responsibility for my gain to someone else but......my usual lass at the chemist was off last week and I was seen by the lass that unfortunately none of my friends like, I have found her ok, however when I said I was going on WW she told me I could use the maintenance bars in between meals, I know I had read the blurb and should have known better but as I was struggling to get in points on WW anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to have a maintenance bar as well. Even though it still meant I was well under my points per day, the lass at the chemist said I should do one or other not both. She advised WW was great for portion control but I should not count points at the moment. As maintenance bars are only to be used as meal replacements that's what I should do with them:replace a meal, not have alongside one.
I didn't quite know what to do but felt as LT has got me this far I would stick to it, so today I have had 2 maintenance and one meal and will continue doing this for a while and see how it goes.
Maybe I should be gutted that I gained but I am more determined now to do this right. I struggled and fought with myself today, saying I had enough products to last a few days and therefore could afford not to have to go to the chemists for a weigh in but to what avail, I would have cut out things to get to a lower weight and have no atonement. So I grabbed the bull by the proverbials and owned up to it.
Will have to see how this week goes now and hopefully by next week I will have addressed most of the gain.
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maintaining since June'09
I'm really glad you're NOT gutted ... that wouldn't do you much good and could send you straight to the biscuit tin! ;)

You sound as though you have your head in the right place and are firmly in control, knowing what you're doing now. All power to you, I'm sure you'll get it sorted!

Best of luck xx
Sorry to hear of your gain Doirin, and like Jan says, at least you know where you have gone wrong.

So what are you doing now, are you still doing WW or are you just having 2 maintenance bars and a meal in the evening?

I just felt that after 2 weeks of refeed, the glycogen levels were filled in the proper way so I wanted to start a lifestyle change as soon as possible, just by having 3 healthy meals a day and only snacking on fruit if and when needed.

Good luck for this week Doirin, I am sure that 4lb will disappear as fast as it came on.
thats very interesting i would have thought the same way you did about the bar,
i'm sure you will lose the 4lb no bother

best of luck with it and thanks for sharing with us


Positivity is the key
thanks Mary and Nicola for your posts and support.
Just when I think I have it straight in my head then it all goes again.
Weighed in at WW today and have lost a pound since last week. That takes me to 14 stone 3lb which is what I was at last weeks weigh in at the chemist (there was a difference of a pound between the chemist and WW scales last week). This means if I had weighed today at the chemist chances are I would have stayed the same so where did that 4lb go overnight.
As Scotsmist always says the scales doesn't know it's your weigh in day, so I suppose the work I had done to battle the gain I knew I had, worked out in the long run. I increased the vibro plate and yesterday brought the boys on a ramble through the woods. Now you can't walk fast with a 3 year old out of the buggy but any exercise is better than none I suspect. And we did walk for over an hour and a half, up and down small hills and clambered over rocks etc, so legs got a bit of a better workout alright.
I am not changing my ticker as I will still go with the chemist weigh in once a week until I go over to WW fully.
It is just a confidence issue now with me I think, that I can make the right decisions off LT completely and replace the maintenance product with something equal in calories. Think I will stick with the maintenance for now and assess it every week.
I know the healthy eating worked for you Mary and it would for me too I guess as there isn't any magic formulae in the maintenance bar but I just need to jump in and at present I am worried to.
If I am honest I know part of that is because my husband Paddy's 1st anniversary is in October and I fear that if I have all the control over what I eat then it may go to pot, whereas if I give some control over to the LT products I can rely on them to carry me through that period and hopefully not fill my face with all the wrong things at that time.
I am full of questions, dilemas and contradictions at the moment but hopefully once I stick with it and watch what I am doing, I will be alright.
Thanks again.


Life is not a Rehersal!
My thoughts are with you Doirin as you make that transition......it isnt easy and you have too much going on at the minute!

BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND RELAX.....you have no timeframe and you need to learn to live all over again with food and with Doirin and the boys. Dont be too harsh...you have done incredibly well and are so sensible that you will make the right choice.

Take good care!
Well done on your loss Doirin, thats great news.

At the end of the day Doirin, its you who has to choose what is right for yourself hun, not that I was trying to influence you to do what I, hopefully you dont think that. But you do what is right for you, as you know yourself best.

Great effort on the walking and rambling about, every little helps.


Positivity is the key
thanks Scotsmist, sometimes it seems I can be in a rush to get it all done yesterday, I suppose that's what this has taught me. Perhaps losing weight quickly, as well as having a huge plus and many of them has that minus side for someone like me who may be impatient with herself at times. I know I need to relax into it and it will be fine.
Hi Mary,
Not at all did I think you were trying to influence me, what you said is totally sensible and sound advice, I know that but I suppose I am so uncertain as to how the next month and months will be for me emotionally and perhaps physically I may rely on the diet to be set and unwavering. As I said I am full of contradictions at the moment, even tonight I was talking to myself and saying perhaps I would have a proper breakfast and lunch tomorrow then a maintenance meal in the evening, this is from the woman only hours ago who said she would do 2 maintenance meals and one food meal a day. How could anyone be expected to keep up with that, even I find it hard?? But look I have to laugh off some of the stuff that goes through my head sometimes as it is not based in rational thought.
So thanks for the support, I know this period of indecision will pass, it is just climatising myself to new changes, that's all.
Thanks again and advice always welcome, wouldn't have got this far without it.

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