Rejoined Online.....


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Well, Im not sure if the last month has made me so undecisive, but yesterday, fed up with not being able to work out "Totals" for most lunch time retailers, I decided to rejoin WW Online.

Feel a bit unsure of ProPoints at the moment, I did do it for a month or so at the end of November, but I cant seem to get my head around how many ProPoints are in certain foods etc, most of them seem to take up my daily allowance quite quickly. Still, its all a matter of getting used to values and making sensible choices i suppose...

Yesterday, after breakfast and lunch I had 14 pp left..... there were 2 Chicago Town Pizzas in the freezer and I decided I quite fancied one.... 14pp for one!!! However, I wasnt too fazed because I knew I could take the Micro Chips out of my weekly allowance.

After the MEGA slip up I had on Sunday, I have put on 1.5lb this week, but hopefully, WW will help me get back on track
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Yeah the points in things sometimes really shock me too - although i think it's more that we're looking for "low point" food iykwim. Good luck with it - i find the online membership worth it just for the tracking and being able to quickly look something up before i eat it x


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I agree. I think it's great. Some one bought some Celebrations chocolates into work and it was so easy to check before I put it in my mouth. At 1pp each I went mad and had two! And I pointed it. No problems.:cool:


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S: 14st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 1st0lb(7.11%)
Noo.... Dont tell me Celebrations are only 1pp each...... I will eat the whole box, theyre my favourites!! LOL!!