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I'm feeling very annoyed with myself. I'm in my second week and have already relapsed. it wasn't even about hunger it was more like really bad cravings....and I gave in! feel like a failure and very disappointed with myself. I was having a bad day and my 3 year old had finally gone to bed....and there it was! my sons plate, his left over (fairly smallish) piece of: organic crassont...with strawberry jam and a cocktail stick with an organic mild cheddar cube and a grape!

in a way I'm glad I did it because it didn't do anything for me. And in many ways the annoying voice in my head has stopped bugging me to cheat. I feel stronger then ever. However, I'm not sure where to go from here? do I carry on as normal or do I give up the one bar a day and water flavouring in order to be in ketosis again?

I would appreciate any and all advice.
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Just put it out of your head - if giving up the bar will make you feel better then do that - otherwise I'd just carry on as before! Does bar knock you out of ketosis (I know some people are affected that way)?
The worst thing you can do is feel so bad that you keep eating more or binge- put it behind you and don't beat yourself up x
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Hey i am sure we all have a wobble.

Move on put it behind yourself. Dont beat yourself up about it. Think of all the weight you have already lost so how good you really are.

New week - New you X
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not sure how it works on ll (thats what your on right?) but with cambridge you must have 3 shakes at least to ensure you get all you v&m. Just put it behind you and carry on as you were.

I took a week off after week 6 and 2 days in I was craving to go back onto cd as I felt so in control but couldn't get to see my cdc so had to do a week of low cal/low carb, which in all fairness wasn't as fun as I thought eating again would be!

xxbe strong
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Hey hun, please dont feel like you failed because you havent.....you still want to carry on with CD and you didnt go on a crazy binge either!! I also have a confession too, Im on Day 10 and I was with friends yesterday and ended up having a chicken shish with lettuce minus the pitta bread!!! Opppppsss thankfully Im still in ketosis! But dont worry yourself hun, your human and if you look and this forum and the official CD website forum you will see that people slip up along the way but pick themselves up and carry on and still have great weightloss. If you think that ssing is too difficult consider ss plus or 810 but for me I know that I need to take food out of the equation to battle my obession with foodxxx

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