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Relentless_Eating _Machines Munchings

Thursday 17th Sept - EE
Linda McCartney Veggie Sausage - 2 syns
Grilled Tomato, Mushrooms, eggs, Spaghetti, 1 wholemeal toast - 1/2 HEB
2 coffees

Before doing slimming world I would never have dreamt of having a cooked breakfast - ohhh the calories involved :) now diets can :kissass:!!!!!!!!

The rest of my day is planned like this...
Will update tonight with any deviations in green! :rolleyes:

Banana, blackberries and Apple

Going to playgroup this afternoon so lunch is always couscous or pasta however they often add TONS of grated cheese so I spend my time trying to pick it out :p
Ham salad
Tea and biscuit - 3 syns

Dinner - my sister is coming over to cook so have tried to keep it as SW as poss!

Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry with basmati rice. There is some coconut milk involved - 4 syns

Stewed apples pear and fig compote with FF Fromage frais - 1/2 HEB (if I'm lucky ;)) Blackberries, apple and yeo valley yoghurt - 3 syns

Total syns - 12
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Friday 18th September 2009


Breakfast - 1 wholemeal toast - HEB marmite and ham, VFF fromage frais with 2 bananas and apple with cinnamon

Snack - apple, 2 Roses chocolates (5 syns)

Lunch - left over rice, sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry (2 syns coconut milk)

Snack - Salad - rocket, celery, cucumber.

Dinner - coleslaw with EL Mayo (1 syn), new potatoes, rocket, cottage cheese and 3 quorn sausages, loads of chilli sauce (1 syn)

Snacks - apple, tin of sweetcorn, 3 pineapple slices, mango FF yoghurt, , strawberries and hot chocolate (2 syns)

Total syns - 11
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Sat 19th Sept meal plan...my daughters 1st birthday

Todays plan is as much free foods as poss, where possible, to compensate for the lack of control and treats I will be consuming! :)

Breakfast - VFF Fromage frais, banana,
strawberries and blackberries.

Picnic lunch - quorn sausages, cous cous salad, hummous (1 syn chilli sauce) and crudites, marinated chicken bits (3 syns)

Fruit flan made with quark, mullerlite and berries galore (7 syns for flan base)

Dinner - Roast chicken skin removed, roast vegetables done in frylite and SW chips or leftover couscous

Snacks - Fruit & yogurt...possibly more flan (3 syns)

Total syns 14
Sunday 20th Sept 09

:D I cant believe I actually stuck to my pre-plan yesterday.

The flan was lovely - and I did end up eating the majority of it - as predicted :jelous:

Ok today I'm going for Easy Extra - as usual

2 strong filter coffees to start the day - hea

Breakfast - FF longer blueberrie yoghurt, banana, berries and spaghetti on 1 w/meal toast - 1/2 heb

snack - usually graze on some grapes as Im walking round tesco, drowling at the bakery section :D

Lunch - leftover roast chicken with jollof rice and small side salad (sw recipe)

Snack - 3 chocolate fingers - 5 syns

Dinner - jacket potato, tuna mayo with corn on the cob and mixed veg & salad, chilli sauce any mayo - 3 syns

Snacks - dairylea on toast - 1/2 hea & b

Monday 21 Sept 09 - EE

Good morning :)

Breakfast this morning was a very petit bowl of sugarpuffs with 1 banana, skimmed milk, 2 coffees, 1 slice of wholemeal toast with wafer thin ham and tomato ontop. - ALL HEX USED

Lunch is jollof rice with 2 roast chicken drumsticks in cajun spices with side salad.

Snacks - forgot to bring any fruit or yoghurts :sigh: not sure what will happen now as I still have a tub of roses perched on my desk :eek: - 8 syns allocated :D

Options hot chocolate - 4 syns (I like mine strong and thick - like my men :flirt2:)

Dinner - couscous and roast chicken in a roasted aubergine sprayed with balsamic frylight and sprinkled with cajun spice. Chilli sauce - 1 syn

Muller light mixed with quark and fruit
total syns - 13
tuesday 22 sept 09

Thought about going green today but to be honest the thought of entering the unknown frightens me so stuck to EE...wimp:(

Breakfast - 1 wholemeal toast with marmite and wafer thin ham. berry shape yoghurt and chopped banana and fruit

Snack - coconut rice pudding - 2 syns plum, orange, apple, pineapple and grapes (bit of a sweet tooth me :jelous:)

Lunch - Roasted aubergine with couscous and roast chicken with corn on the cob, side salad. Chilli sauce - 2 syns

Snacks - 2 x chcolate fingers - 3 syns
Grapes, blackberries and apples

Dinner - DELICIOUS SALMON CHOW MEIN with loads of veg and egg noodles, teriyaki sauce and oyster sauce - 3 syns

Snacks - cottage cheese with salad, grapes and 1/2 corn on cob

Total syns - 10

Is it possible to OVERDO FRUIT CONSUMPTION??????? :)
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Breakfast - 2 weetabix with skim milk, 2 apples, blackberries, pineapple and banana
2 x coffees - HEb & a used

Snacks - ham and olive -1 syn salad with sweet chilli sauce - 1 syn 1 x roses - 2 syns

Lunch - Jollof rice (yes still trying to finish it :D) with corn on cob

Snacks - orange and hot chocolate - 2 syns

Dinner - Leftover salmon chow mein - 3 syns for sauce

Pudding - quark and rhubarb muller with loadsa fruit

total syns - 9
Hey Hun, enjoying your diary. Your menus sound lovely, don't be afraid to dip your toe into a green day I think you would find it really easy as you eat lots of fruit and veg anyway! x
Thakns for your comments - I'm just about to post on the main page about my food diary.....feeling a bit paranoid actually over my excessive intake! :)

I will do some research and try a green day - just nervous I might get it wrong - would love to have a bit bowl of cereal tho!
This all looks great! You've got a great variety of foods, plenty of free foods so keep on going :) I eat lots and find the more I have the better my losses. I'd only worry if my losses stopped - enjoy! :D
Thursday 24th Sept 09 - EE

Breakfast - 2 weetabix, banana, skimmed milk. FF yogurt with pineapple and melon
2 x coffee - HEA & B USED

Snacks - handful of wafer ham, 1 banana

Lunch - large jacket potato with sardines in tomato sauce, corn on cob and large salad with mayo and chilli sauce - 2 syns

Pudding - fruit and custard - 2 syn

Snack - hot chocolate - 2 syns

Dinner - chicken breast stuffed with quark garlic and chilli and wrapped in parma ham - 1 syn served with new potatoes, cabbage, spinach and green beans

Strawberry yogurt with chopped pear, apple, pineapple and blackberries

Syns total - 7
Friday 25th Sept 09

:D IM FEELING NAUGHTY TODAY :p....FRIDAY FEELING..going to feast on quality street and just enjoy!!!!!

Breakfast- bowl of sugar puffs with banana and semi skimmed milk
Coffee x 3
HEa & b used

Snack - 2 quality street - 4 syns Apple

Lunch - Chicken breast stuffed with quark and herbs served with couscous and salad.
chilli sauce - 1 syns

Snacks - fruit and 3 quality street - 6 syns

Dinner - mussels stirfried with veg and rice.

Pudding - Loadsa fruit

Midnight feast of lettuce leaves filled with homemade coleslaw and wafer thin ham - 1 syn mayo

Total syns 12
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Saturday 26 Sept 09 - EE

I cant get enough of CARROTS today!

Breakfast - 2 coffees.
35g dorset nutty muesli with yogurt and banana and blackberries.
Carrot wrapped in smoked ham - odd :confused:

Went to aerobics.....tummy was rumbling before I even got started.
Pear, carrot, coffee and new potato

Lunch - Polenta pie (hoping this was free as it was coarse ground polenta made with stock and herbs) with mexican chilli beans, peppers and corn on the cob - 2 syns chilli sauce
LF Custard and stewed fruit - 5 syns

Snacks - 2 apples

Dinner - Polenta pie with mexican beans, chicken breast, loadsa homemade coleslaw and salad. 2 syns - EL mayo, chilli sauce

Pud - Chocolate angel delight made with s/skim milk - 6 syns (estimate!???)
WW yogurt and an orange

Snacks - carrot with EL dairylea triangle

Total syns - 15
Sunday 26th Sept 09

Breakfast - 2 coffees 1% milk
2 apples, 2 bananas 2 WW peach yogs

Snacks - 2 apples, grapes, fig

Lunch - Large jacket with tuna and sweetcorn mayo - 1 syn

Sun dried tomatoes (in oil) - 3 syns
Leggara starter salad, leggara pizza - 12 syns, half toffee sundae - 6 syns

Snacks - apple, handful of popcorn - 3 syns

Total syns - 24 OOPS :break_diet:
Monday 28 Sept 09 - EE

B/fast - 1 WW malted danish toast with ham and chilli sauce, serrano ham wrapped round lettuce - 1 syn
2 coffees

Snacks - banana, mini bag of milkyway stars - 3 1/2 syns

Lunch - 4 polenta pie wedges with can of mexican beans and sweetcorn, peppers, tomato & 3 slices of Serrano ham

Snacks - apples

Dinner - Five spiced chicken drumsticks - 3 syns with mixed veg and noodles 1 syn - chilli sauce. Lettuce leaves with cottage cheese

Snacks - WW yog with chopped apples, pears & figs, 1 malted danish toast with dairylea EL

Total syns - 8 1/2
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