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Reps- Name yourself!


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Hi Guys

I am always really chuffed when anyone takes the trouble to rep me, but quite often, the kind person who has made me smile has not given their name.

Unless I am being completely numb (quite likely) I can't see a way of finding out who rep'd you, so is there anyway people could remember to add their name to their rep comment so we can all see who has been kind to us?

Don't want to dictate behaviour, and obviously people have the right to anonymity, but I would love to know where possible, which individual has added to my rep, and imagine others feel the same (?)

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agreed! quite often i dont know who to return the rep too which means i proberly dont hand out as many as i recieve... mainly because i quiet often completely forget about repping someone untill someon does it to me and reminds me LOL

but still.. i think it's nice to add ur name ( if you want too) so we can share the love x :)


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I got repped but I dont know what it means or how to do it so I definately didnt return the compliment lol......then again I wasnt sure if it was a compliment ;-)
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Will do honey, I thought it would automaticaly tell you who it is from. Maybe the system should accommodate this feature. So, anyone listening on the system side, could we please have this feature added?


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I got repped but I dont know what it means or how to do it so I definately didnt return the compliment lol.....
Definitely LOL. The rep system tells you that someone has agreed with your post. Absolutely no need to know who it is to 'agree with their post' ;) You agree with a post, then rep.

Of course, we now have a thanks system in place and you can see who has 'thanked' you. That's kind of cool as long as people don't go thanking the giver just because they've been thanked:D
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lol...a whole big cycle of thanking going on!

I put my name now, as I do love getting repped, but then realised I didn't know who was repping me...and I wasn't letting people know it was me when I repped them. Does that even make sense?! LOL!

I'll shut up.

Good idea CP ;)


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