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:)Hi all been catching up on all your threads I need to lose 2 stone. I restarted Saturday and up to now feeling great not had a problem getting into it. I hopefully will refeed better next time. I have decided that I dont want to ever go back to that weight again which I know can be easily done and have set myself a routine that I will take longer next time to put on the weight and when I get to the weight I am now I will restart. It may sound strange, but we all have to go with what works for us I can only keep trying and find out what suits me. Good luck to you all xxx:)
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hey good luck and you know yer self better than any1 else so you do what is best for you and you having a healthy weight free life dont worry about what other people think


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Thanks Urban for your kind response. You're right I know me best and I know my downfalls. I just have to keep trying. Your weight loss is great, looking at your picture you look fab anyway, and lovely and tall. I love tall men lol my hubby is 6'4. Good luck with your weight loss.:)
good luck binger, hope it goes okay for you
you do something i do, i put some weight on and then lose it again ready fro my holiday........it takes me about a year to put a stone on and then i lose it.......losing 2st this year as fancy been a size smaller for my hols this year as i've a lovely pair of shorts that i'd like to take with me
good luck....hopefully we will reach target at roughly the same time


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Hi golden girl, Thank you for your response. I am also the same height as you I will look out for you on your weekly weigh in. Lots of luck to you I hope we can get to goal together.:)
Ooooooh that pattern.... i too lost 3st 7 months ago, have put 1st back on and have just restarted this week.....my guess is that if you are "heavy" then you will be heavy as soon as you start eating again....


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Hi dudhi lol im not on my own then. Good luck with your weigh in I was in total control when on lipotrim but coming off it no control I dont want to go back because there are a lot of people waiting to say I told you so. Any diet when you finish it if you dont maintain will gain not just lipotrim. This diet is excellent and Im soooo glad I done it. Just got to keep an eye on myself and not slip back too often.

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