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  1. CarlyLauren

    CarlyLauren Member

    Just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone wants to 'buddy up'

    I am restarting cambridge after the birth of my son (6 months old) I managed to maintain my weight after my initial go at Cambridge and now want to shift the baby and too many coffees with my friends weight! I am just starting back at work so it is the prime opportunity to get going again. I have an appointment with my CDC on 5th Feb for restart but am now cutting out carbs completely and eating as if I am on plan downing the water as well until then.

    If anyone has any tips or anything that would be great i can see there are lots more products since last time so would interested to know what they ar elike. Hoping to lose 2 stone by April!
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  3. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member

    Hey, I am restarting too and want to loose 3 stone in 10 weeks and then a further 2 maybe 3, see how I feel and look.

    Are you feeling positive? I am, which is unlike me lol
  4. CarlyLauren

    CarlyLauren Member

    Yes feeling really positive. Feels good to be in control!! Hoping that buy the time April comes I will be back to normal! When did you restart?
  5. CarlaLilly

    CarlaLilly Full Member

    Hi there - day 1 for me - just had by nutritious delicious shake for tea - yum yum:)

    Really need to shift 4 stone and to keep it off - I put mine on after my first pregnancy - that was 11 years ago!!

    I know it's going to be a rough ride but I value the support on this site to see me through the tough times and celebrate our successes xx
  6. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    Hi all I restarted on Monday... Need to lose a lot of weight!!!
  7. CarlaLilly

    CarlaLilly Full Member

    How are you getting on?

    I am on day 4 now - trying to keep myself busy - it's not too bad when I am at work but evenings are a struggle so have been going to bed a bit earlier.

    Last night found it really difficult - so I looked at the inspirational pictures and it really really helped me.

    I just need to get though my first week, I really really don't want to go back - I hate my size at the moment and I am the only person who can make a positive change to my life.

    The weekend is going to be a real test, fingers crossed. ..........................
  8. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    Hi, yea I feel exactly the same. Evenings and weekends are the toughest for me because that's when I would usually binge on crap. I love pudding after a meal so have been skipping lunch so I can have two in the evening time to replicate what I Normally do with dinner and dessert. On day 6 and feel better today haven't woke up with a hunger pain or headache and I've lost 8 lbs! Weigh in on Monday so hoping for 10 lbs at least for first week! Fingers crossed. Going out tonight but made myself designated driver so I can't drink... Let's hope my plan works!!! How's everyone else been getting on?
  9. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member

    Sorry for the late reply....I had started Saturday last week but had a health scare Monday which meant loads of tests at the hospital which scared the life out if me. I was really blasé about it to start but once I weathered it completely threw me and I had to wait until Friday for results.....all clear but didnt stay on track, I weigh the same and am restarting tomorrow, Sunday and completely ready with no hurdles now. Well done so far, weekends are hard. Only reason I didn't start to day was because I had a bottle of wine last night and as I haven't drunk for quite a while was very hungover and bad food came my way.

    sunday I the day for me.

    well done to everyone and keep on going xxxx
  10. CarlaLilly

    CarlaLilly Full Member

    Sounds like you had a really scary week - excellent news that you are ok - I think I would have a a bottle or two after all of that going on.

    good luck for tomorrow - I'm coming to the end of day 4 - I think the hardest thing is the thought of food, it's not that I am really that hungry, it's just that I want to eat ( I like food and I enjoy wine) I think I am learning about myself and my bad habits (that I didn't realise I had until now).

    anyway - all the very best for Sunday xx and Krazzed - I hope you had a fantastic night out last night xx
  11. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    Hi thank you. I am quite proud because I didn't have a drop of alcohol or anything naughty. Hope this is reflected by the scales on Monday weigh in!
  12. CarlaLilly

    CarlaLilly Full Member

    WELL DONE :)

    Good luck for tomorrow - I feel pretty good today, just by getting Friday and Saturday night out of the way. Although I started on Wednesday my weigh in will be Friday as that's when I am next seeing my consultant, I am not going to weigh myself until then so fingers crossed I can get through next week.

    Mrs Elms - GOOD luck for today xxx
  13. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    You can do it :) I think I just definitely be in ketosis now because I feel like I have so much energy and the brain fog has lifted. Feels great. Keep going :)
  14. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    I had my first weigh in today and list 10 lbs in first week. Woo Hoo !!
  15. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member

    Well done!!!!
  16. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member


    i enjoy eating too....if I sat and really thought about I am never really hungry just greedy......but this is why I think cambridge is best for me.....takes the food away until my mind and body work together.
  17. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    Yes that's the same for me. Best to keep food gates closed for now haha
  18. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    How's it going?

    week 1 - 10 lbs
    week 2 - 4 lbs
    week 3 - +3.5lbs (after a few days off plan)
    week 4 - 4.5lbs
    week 5

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