Restarting again today, anyone esle?


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Oh yes, me too again!
Do you want to buddy up? Did great yesterday til about 8.30 so back to SS for me. I find the nights so so difficult. I've told my Cd i'm going up to Christmas and thats it no matter where i am in diet. I cant afford it anymore.
Good luck for today.


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Good luck guys. 4 weeks to Christmas Day today so there's got to be time to get a stone off if you are re-starting.

Hang in there - by Monday you will feel so much better.


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Yep I am restarting SS today, determined to stay strong until xmas day!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Promise I'll give the same back :p


Trying to stay healthy!
Good luck with your restarts everyone, just keep thinking about those party frocks!!!


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Restarted monday have put on 17lbs since my lowest weight so want to get that off ASAP. Good Luck everyone


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restarting today too ladies and could do with the support.

Ive lost 5lb in total on some starts / stops but really feel im ready now.

4 weeks to xmas!!!! I want to wear a dress !!! Would love some support!

Good luck all


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Hi I have restarted today and joined this forum for support (I hope )

Fed up with being overweight and a bit nervous to ring my counsellor and ask if I can restart, I have enough in the house for one week so will have to pluck up the courage.

good luck everyone

D x


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Hi I too am restating ss to get ready for Christmas, good luck everyone x


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The water has been a problem for the 1st day!! I was driving about & visiting elderly clients for 6 hrs today without a drink. Now have to drink 2 litres before bed, guess where I'll be most of the night. Also only had 1 pack so far so have some catching up to do.
Hope everyone else is doing ok? Good luck :)


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Hi guys = im restarting too. Started yesterday at 15st 10 :( :( :( anyone need a buddy....i bloody do :( think ive just got the re-start miseres


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restarters, how we all doing?

Im nailing the water - had my 3 packs. Hoping to get through tonight.


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Hey everyone,

I've restarted today too! 1st 3lbs til BMI 25... so that's my Christmas goal, and I can't help thinking that it would be the best Christmas present ever!!

Not feeling too great at the moment- got a headache and feel hungry. Got my last pack (porridge) to have in a minute and then I think its an early night for me!



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how are we all?

I got through day 1 woot!!


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I got through the first day did go to bed early though :eek:

day 2 at least is half way through lol

D x

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well done for restarting and good luck!


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amen doris