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Restarting on monday...quick question pls

Hey all
I followed Atkins a while back (not for long as i fell off the wagon during a house move)

I'm planning on starting the induction phase on monday and just wanted a quick question answered.
Do i need to count the carbs regardless, even if i am just eating the allowable foods in the right quantities?...sorry if that sound a dumb question but just wanted to get it right this time.
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Clean green leafy machine
Hi Dreaming and welcome

I started induction in August and since then haven't worried about counting carbs too much, I just stick with the allowed foods.

But I know some people count it all. It's always a bit quiet here at the weekends but I'm sure you'll get loads of feedback come Monday :)

This is a fab forum, so don't be afraid to ask lots of questions - and have a good read of the stickies at the top :)



Clean green leafy machine
Thx Dreaming, I know you will do really well :)

There's a thread I started called Low Carb Contest, have a look at the last page for a list of the lowest carb things we could all find.
DM welcome back hon xxxxxx stick with the green leafies and meat, fish and eggs - if you count anything it has to be the cream and cheese, 2 tablespoons of cream per day on induction only - it is not much I am afraid :( but it does work - are you all settled in your new house now? xx
Thank you ladies,
LadyFelsham, that thread is great. Will be keeping a keen eye on it.
Another quick question, should i just stick to specifically the list of foods on induction or can i add the odd 'extra' item providing that i dont go over my 20g.

Quak, hello again my lovely. Thanks for the tip...the cream really is very decadent isnt it? Will probably add it to my coffee a couple of times a day.
The new house is great Bren, so much space i'm not used to it. Cant wait to get to work in the garden but not much chance with this snow.
You continue to be a great inspiration for me btw :)
I would not be where I am without you - your help and support helped me through xxx

I would stick to induction for at least 2 weeks - other things while low in carbs may not be helpful, you need 2 weeks to get the cravings out of the way and that gives you more clarity when making good food choices in the early days.
Dont start again Bren, because i'll be weeping all over my new keyboard...you know what i'm like :)

Thanks for the heads up on the allowable foods....gonna kick some ass with it for the next few weeks x
You know what it is like getting into ketosis - grit your teeth and push on through............and then the benefits are great :) stick with us on here, you will get all the help and encouragement you need :D
It is, and don't miss things out, I have 2 admissions today and I know scales will be up tomorrow, but I also know what I have to do to get them to go back down.

I think us long term VLCDers have a disadvantage in that our metabolic rate has dipped so far down that it takes a while to go back up (well at least I hope it does at some point) so I know that my key is being careful for a long long time, the odd day with treats is ok but rarely will you get away with it. I know that sounds depressing but I feel that I love my new life/figure so much that any sacrifice is worth it and I can bore for england on the subject lol
Makes a lot of sense.
When I reached goal weight I really didn't think I would ever regain again. I constantly scoured the net for tips on maintenance. I felt so much better in my new body that I really thought I could sustain it.
Then it all just started crumbling around me really, too many indulgances plus a friendship that had regretably turned sour and upset me a lot, unhappiness in my former home etc all played a part.
Anyway I'm rambling now but you get the picture. I think I just started to comfort eat. Wow that's the first time I've admitted all that and it feels good just to let it out.
Oh DM, it is so easy to slip back into old habits especially when under stress and upset, hope you are in a better frame of mind now in your new home - so sorry about the friendship, they can be heartbreaking when they end. If I have one tip it is not to completely deprive yourself, if your oh is having something and you want some - have a taste, you will usually find it is enough to satisfy without having to eat the whole thing. Good luck hon xxxx
Hi DM and welcome, I take it you and Bren know each other. I was obsessive about counting carbs on induction, never bothered to count the green except to stick to the 3 chopped mugs of green leaf veggies a day, but everything else that I ate I checked the carbs, if it was the slightest bit carby, out it went.
Hi DM and welcome, I take it you and Bren know each other. I was obsessive about counting carbs on induction, never bothered to count the green except to stick to the 3 chopped mugs of green leaf veggies a day, but everything else that I ate I checked the carbs, if it was the slightest bit carby, out it went.

Hey Jim. The lovely Bren and I first met over on Exante, i was a few months in when Bren started. Unfortunately i have put over half of my loss back on and Bren hasn't :)

Thanks for your info, i havent totted up how many carbs i have eaten today yet but i have stuck to the allowable foods so will add up later, will be interesting to know how many im getting.
Morning DM - and Jim :D - yes we know each other from Exante - would not be where I am today without this lovely lady :D
How is day one going????
Hi Bren, today is going well thanks. It was my first day back at part time work and me and the hubby had some brekkie from the cafe. I had Bacon, Eggs and Mushrooms. It tastes so good when someone else does it....or maybe im just a naff cook!
Just got back from work and was hungry so had just some chicken whicj i roasted yesterday ansd a bit of mayonnaise with it. Need to be more prapared with menu planning otherwise i can see myself getting bored easily.
Got my mojo back so that is a good thing. Nothing can stand in the way of me reaching goal again now.

On the downside, i stepped on the scales this morning and was horrified with a 3stone gain since goal weight, Puts me firmly at 13 stones now! Yikes!!!

Another question. Is mayonnaise ok for induction? The book doesnt state it but the website does??
hello :)
yes mayo is fine as long as full fat. The tesco one is the lowest carb :D

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