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Restarting tomorrow.anyone else??

I am on day four... weigh in not till next Wednesday though... We CAN and WILL do this together will all the help from everyone here.
Im restarting again tomorrow to, i was supposed to start again today but free fish finger sandwiches at work made me give into temptation
lol diet girl i couldnt see my CDC till 2 and i wasnt waiting till that late in the day to start better to start fresh in the morning.Have you done this before or is this the first time.and a cheeky question how much have you got to lose ive got to lose 153lbs which is about ten stone.whens your first weigh in.

amm451 my first weigh in is on monday.is your weigh in every wednesday?
im definitly gonna do it this time we will just have to motivate each other on those bad days
Hello girls,im in.I've seen my CDC today and im starting tomorrow.I have done it 2months ago,but stopped it,because of holiday.Finally i have pushed myself to do it and properly.Have to lose 3.5 stone.please count with me honye
yea course we will count with you hun maybe we should start up our own little group.what do ya rekon girls.we will have to have a name though
group sure... sounds like fun I'll be with you guys for 3 months.

Weigh in... Last time I bulk bought and so did my own wi however not sure what is going to happen this time. I am flexible with my CDC so she can fit me in whenever!

Hope we are all having a good day.

Diet Girl draw a line under the ff sandwiches (yummy) and don't make a bad lunch a bad day and have extra llbs to loose! You CAN do it!
Can I join in with your group.Started month ago but gave up after 3 days.However starting again tomorrow and could do with the support.For i need to lose at least 5 stones.
so what shall we call our group then
Don't ask me I am crap with names lol Just look at my user name!
im pretty crap with names aswell il try and comeup with something by tomorro any ideas let me know


This will be my year
Please can I join you ladies?

I'm restarting CD after a long break - I lost around 4st 3 years ago, but have put it all back on plus more :break_diet:

I'm off to Florida in 10 weeks, and aim to lose at least 3st before I go... I know it's achievable, but staying motivated is going to be hard. So maybe we can motivate each other?
evening .... can i join the group to pretty please. and how do i get one of thoses things down the bottom so it shows how much i'm loosing. we could call ourselves "fat friends" after that program that was on tv years ago, thought that was me down to a t, going to the toilet and all that trying to squeeze another lb off.
sounds good il start a new thread calledfat friends.and everone is welcome to join..
helsbels to get a ticker go to tickerfactory.com and create a ticker and fill out details then copy the url and paste it in your signature which is under user cp
Hello, I AM NOT GOING TO EAT FISH FINGERS TODAY, just about to joing fat friends now all will answer all of your questions on that

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