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Recovering Foodaholic
I know that this has prolly been asked already, but, seeing as I'm struggling to stay 100% what kind of rewards to people give themselves for sticking to the plan? I'm talking mini rewards really to keep yourself motivated along your journey... Needing some inspiration :p
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I don't tend to reward myself for the dieting TBH; seeing the weight come off is reward in itself :D

I've treated myself to some new clothes a couple of times but it's more been out of necessity than anything else, although the batch of T-shirts I bought don't fit yet. My mum bought me a new Quicksilver T-shirt a couple of days ago and although it's 2XL it's *tiny*! Something to aim for...


Recovering Foodaholic
Aye, I do agree that the loss is a reward in itself, I guess I'm needing motivation shall we say, to stop complacency setting in.

Like the *tiny* T-shirt aim. I've got one of those hanging in front of my wardrobe, a skinny dress too which is a wee-bit tight!


Mistress of the Dark
My OH was giving me £1 for every lb I lost the first time I did CD but he decided it was too expensive when he ended up owing me £100 lol!!! I'm tempted to put £1 away for each lb this time so I can go on a clothes shopping spree when I'm done! Will have near enough £150 to blow on lovely clothes then! :D


Recovering Foodaholic
That's a good idea, Gem- mind you I'm needing all my extra cash to pick up bits here and there to replace what I'm wearing now! My OH now does the grocery shopping at Tescos while he sends me upstairs to look at clothes...

I'm thinking of roping him into my rewards- see if I can wangle a nice back massage or something!


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi BubblyPenguin -not really a treat but good motivational tool ..... I put tins and bags of flour equivalent to the weight i've lost in a carrier bag in the kitchen. At difficult times I pick it up and carry it round with me - small weight loss so far, but I promise after 10 minutes my willpower has increased! Sorry to any who've read this posted elsewhere before, but it really does work for me!! Tx


Please kick my butt!!
i put cash away wheneveri feel like a fag. i gave up a year ago and still have the urge so putting 6 quid in a pot everytime i think about them helps me focus on not doing it. when i get to goal thats the money i can spend. i've ended up putting 36 quid in this week alone so i know i've got a big treasure coming to me at the end. i also refuse to buy any new clothes. i'm challenging myself to buy everything 2nd hand until i hit goal.


Recovering Foodaholic
Crumbs, never mind clothes, sounds like you'll have enough for a holiday when you get to goal! I'm trying to go second hand or very cheap clothes- my friend has a big bag of size 16s on the way to me, plus I'm searching the freeads for anything interesting! It's surprising how much is out there.


Please kick my butt!!
i know what you mean. a girl at work gave me a big bag of clothes and handbags this week. the stuff ranges from pri mark to warehouse and river island. the best bit is the sises range from 16 to 12 so plenty to keep me going. I was plesantly surprised at how many fitted. i gave her 20 quids (well more then she was expecting) if i'd have bought it allseperatly in charity shops your looking at over 100 quid. OH gave me another 40 for my potfor being thrify lol. thinking about it i may well have enough for a holiday
Hi Clare,

I book myself in for a beauty treatment, eyebrow wax, whatever, also nail polish, posh bath stuff, fake tan - palmers cocoa butter for the stretch marks, flowers, candles etc. Love the sweet smelling ones as it helps me to stay off food. I also print off my measurements chart, exercise chart and very recently the calories burned for activities to keep me motivated. Good luck Clare... I know you can do it!


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I would definitely second the beauty treatments, or new pieces of make up. We are always watching the pennies but certainly round payday (yesterday!) I let myself get a few bits and pieces - so not directly linked to goals and losses but as a treat. Usually a treat would be a bottle or two of wine and as that is not an option! In Boots today I bought a couple of pieces of No7 make up and spent enough to get a lucky dip prize and got some funky eyeshadow.


please try again
i go for dvd's ive been wanting, bits of jewllery ( costume stuff sadly not diamonds ) cd's, stuff from lush etc

i put £1 in the pot for every lb lost, i put in £5 for 100% weeks and if im a bad girl then £10 goes in. i shall have to be a good girl since im not rich
Now this a nice n'easy question. I love little bits of costume jewellery and trinkets by Butler and Wilson and if common sense had anything to do with it, I would acknowledge that I have more than I really need, but hey, whats need got to with it?
So I have treated myself with B&W mock croc tote bag as reward for starting diet and ordered gorgeous sparkly ear-rings for achieving first stone. From now on, a new item per stone lost.
My rewards from the start for getting to goal was a holiday to Orlando. That's exactly 4 weeks away and I still have 18lbs to go! Along the way I've treated with massages, fake tan, clothes, anything but food.
Clare, eyebrows waxes, a file and polish, are good inexpensive options. I have a standing appointment every two weeks at my beauty clinic.... electrolysis not so much a treat as a necessity!!!!
I bought a eplilator today for the first time ever my friend recommended it to me (owchy) and i thought well my legs are looking better so i'd invest in one wet & dry braun

Meant to be painfull though :(
mrs essex they are agony!!! I gave up using one years ago... would rather book in and have a wax done although recently cos I am in the gym everyday I have resorted back to shaving aarrrgh

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