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rice pudding


Strutting her stuff
Hi! If you do a search you'll lots of variations - some that use milk, others that just use water and a yoghurt, and even a choice of done on the hob, oven or in the microwave. You just take your pick and enjoy your rice pudding - I had some for breakfast yesterday with a handfulof raspberries - yum! :)
I made some on SUnday night - 50g pud rice, pint of semi skimmed, 4 tblsp sweetner, cooked on gas mark 4 for 2 hours, gave it a stir half way through. Stirred a strawberry shape no fat yog through it....absolutely lovely! But, SW C said tonight if i'm on EE i should have had a smaller portion and had with some fruit to stick to the rules.... And she also said cous cous cake was free! (runs for cover!!) xx
Well I had 4oz last night made with pudding rice and 2 pints of water simmered on the hob for 20 mins, then I added 3 tsp Splenda and an Aldi Light yogurt (0.5 syns) and I baxed for 30 mins - THEN I sat and watched TV and troughed the lot. Is this really free on a green day, well apart from the yogurt (Slimming World)? I feel guilty and a real PIG!! Nice thou xx ;)

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