Right well i'm Starting Today :P


New Member
Hiya everone, i'm new to the forum, in fact this is the first forum i've ever been a member of haha. Right i dunno whether this is in the right place or anythin but my diet starts today, just cuttin out as much crap as i can, simple as that and hopefully i can get down to a decent weight.
Just weighed myself and I'm 13st 4, which is suprising really because i've really over done it this christmas and my usual weight is around 13st.
I'd really like to get rid of 2 or 3 stone but i'm not really that preoccupied by the numbers because i do excercise quite a bit and i know muscle weighs heavier than fat and all that.
So.... any words of wisdom or advice or whatever would really be aprreciated :)

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