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Cruise PV Roasted Red Pepper Beef


Goat herder(ess)
Roasted Red Pepper Beef

This is a Weight Watchers recipe which I've made a couple of times now and really enjoyed.

For Cruise PV, eat it without pasta and without cheese, perhaps with a salad or some green veg.

For Conso, this is great with pasta and even better with your daily ration of Parmesan mixed in!

Serves 4

3 red peppers, halved and de-seeded
1 onion, diced finely
2 garlic cloves, crushed
450g lean minced beef
2 tblsp tomato purée
Dash of Worcestershire Sauce
2 tblsp fresh thyme leaves
Seasoning to taste

(For Conso only, you can add pasta and Parmesan)

Preheat the grill to hot. Put pepper halves on a grill tray, skin side up, and grill for 10 mins until the skin is blackened and charred. Transfer to a bowl and cover with cling film.

Meanwhice, heat a wide, lidded, non-stick saucepan and add the onion, garlic and mince. Cook for 5 mins, breaking up mince, until browned. Stir in the tomato purée, Worcestershire Sauce and thyme. Continue to cook, uncovered, for 1 minute, then cover and continue to cook gently for 10 mins. You can add a little water if it gets a bit dry.

Peel the skin from the peppers and blend half of them in a food processor, whizzing until smooth. Finely dice the remaining peppers.

Stir all the peppers and seasoning into the beef mixture and cook for 1 minute.

For PV, serve immediately.

For Conso, add cooked pasta and Parmesan and toss together before serving.
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grammar police
Thanks for this dukandebut, this looks lovely - I'll be giving this one a go as I'm loving beef mince at the moment - any more ways to cook it for variety are all good as far as I'm concerned :)


grammar police
Had this for dinner tonight. Peeling the peppers was a bit of a pain so i only really peeled most of them, but i don't think it made a difference. It was delish! Defo adding it to my list of favourites - thanks again :)


Gold Member
if you dont want to peel them , cut tops off de seed and put meat mixture in then put them in the oven ....20 mins or so
stuffed peppers yum


Goat herder(ess)
I'm really glad you enjoyed it, Emmma. Roasting the peppers does make them taste sweeter. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to peel them - but if you want to try again, make sure that the skin is really black and charred so that it comes off very easily.


grammar police
The tops were blackened fine, it was down the sides where the problem was, I think if they were quartered they might cook a little more easily. I didn't notice any bits of skin left in though, so perhaps it doesn't matter too much but I'll definitely be cooking this one again.