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Roll up Team 5 - Leader Shell, Janie78, MandieP, Kayjay, poohbearmufc, Lily

Is Shell online?? I'm crap at thinking up names but will have a think!!

kj xx
Dont think so i thought about goin goin gone 4EVER!!
LOL yep i am crap too
Thats quite good tho - think we should just have a brainstorm and then all vote one. At least you can think of ONE!!!! I can't think of any at the mo!!

Kj xxx
They are good none of us are gonna be able to sleep with all these ideas going through our heads lol
Yeh i like that one too just Lily and Shell to come in and we are all here at last lol
Oh yes love it lol
Ello teamos!
im here im here your illustriuos leader!!!!!!!!!! sorry been on earlies so in bed early last night....

right then stand to attention......!!!!!!

have we actually decided on a name for starters???
are we gonna do a wi this week????
im just thinking now if i register as a new name i could use the team name as the name and attached a ticker for total weight loss?????? i would try and be really clever and do a spread sheet with our names on...but im not that clever!!!!
Hello all you team mates.

I like the CD olympics!

Have we decided what day weigh in's are going to be?

I am sat here drinking leek & potato soup with curry powder, lol. yum yum.

I'm off camping this weekend and I'm armed with tetra's and packets....and i'll still be cooking breakfast for the family.

Keep it up losers.....


Gold Member
Hi folks, sorry to be so late to the party :D

I quite like CD Olympics too. Although shouldn't it be CD Olympians? Hmm...

I don't care what we're called so long as we win, LOL ;)

Hope everyone's had a good CD day!!

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