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Rolo's diary


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Right I'm going to start a diary to keep me motivated. I need this to try and lose at least 1 stone before June 7th (my uncles wedding) probably more realistic than 1.5 stone but we shall see.

Red day

B 2 x alpen light bars Hexb and muller, ss milk for coffee hexa

L Eat smart redy meal 2.5 syns with 2 x ww danish hexb and 2 ex light laughing cow hexa

D Tuna mixed with 6 tbsp ex light mayo 4.5 syns, salad, other slice of ww danish and 3 more laughing cow lights.

S apple, clementine, maybe some pineapple and muller, 3 litres of water and pepsi max

E Gym 41 mins cardio and 20 mins weights and sit ups
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Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Just keep telling yourself, from now till June, why you are doing this, and judging by how determined you sound today, you'll do it with no probs. :girlpower:


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It was an early start for me today, so i've been to the gym already.

Red day

B muller and a clementine, milk for coffee hexa

L Ham and egg salad

D Spag bol 2 x hexb and cheese hexa

S Pineapple, clementines, apples and muller. maybe some sunbites 5 syns

3 litres of water

have a good day

Roz x


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Morning all, no gym today, thank god. My legs feel very tired.

Red day

B 2 x alpen light bars hexb, muller, ss milk for coffee hexa

L Bacon, eggs and syn free sausages with 2 x ww danish hexb 2 x laughing cow light hexa

D Chicken chargrill 4 syns, salad, pickled onions, other slice of ww danish and rest of laughing cow lights

S Apple, clementine, pineapple and muller, options hot choc 2 syns, 3 litres of water
Hey Roz good luck for your dieting week...........NOT THAT YOU NEED IT!


Ruthy xx


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I've found it a bit tough today but I've stuck to the plan. There was chocolate cake at work today and usually I'm not bothered as I don't have a sweet tooth but I really wanted some. I managed to resist and munched an apple instead. I was absolutely starving getting home from work so had 3 sausages, bacon, egg and toast that filled the gap. I must stop weighing myself though because I think my scales are broken. They say I've stayed the same or put on and that can't be right. I've been so good! Plus an inch to the left and I'm heavier lol.

Anyway I'm pleased with myself for sticking to it. Having lunch out tomorrow so I've got to work out which will be the better option. The potato place always gives you far too much tuna and probably use the full fast mayo. I could take some laughing cow lights with me and have it plain with those, or a burger king salad hmmm. Do I trust myself to go to the burger king counter and order a salad?
Well my friend cancelled as she usually does so I don't have to have lunch out.

Green day

B 2 x alpen light bars hexb and muller, ss milk for coffee hexa

L Jacket potato with tuna hexb and laughing cow lights hexa, salad ex light mayo 4.5 syns

D Pasta with quorn sausages

S pineapple, clementine, muller and options hot choc 2 syns

E 1 hour gym
Your doing so well! keep it up, writing a diary really helps cause ive started one too:happy036:
Hope you are ok Roz and diet is going well.
Im having a mix2max day or what ever its called lol.

The dinner has changed. Really don't fancy pasta and the great cook that I am (not) can only make tomato and herb sauce lol. Dh is having lamb grills, not fair and I really fancy some stodge and gravy. So I'm having 3 quorn sausages, broccolli, cauli and smash lol with gravy!
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Roz that sounds lovely, can i come over for tea mmmmm

Ruthy xxx
Morning all. I really don't want to go to work today :( I hate wednesdays, it's my one full day and it's bloody boring. The one good thing is that my boss works weds (she has several chemists) and we get on well.

Red day

B 2 x alpen lights hexb, muller an ss milk for coffee hexa

L Ham sandwich made with 2 x ww danish Hexb and 2 tbsp ex light mayo 1.5 syns, pineapple and clementine

D Bacon, eggs and syn free sausages with other slice of ww danish 3 tbsp ketchup 3 syns

2 x vodka and diet coke 5 syns
No gym today, the scales still say I've either stayed the same or put on. I'll be very upset if thats the case, I've been so good!

Roz x

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