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Ronniejacobs Food Diary

Well here i am again but now i have to get to target!!!!. Not sure if its 1st 7 to target or more (depending on weigh in tomorrow - post cornwall lol)

I always do ee days

B - 2 weetabix (hexb) skimmed milk and a banana

L - tuna, pasta, 2 tbsp salad cream synned (will update later lol) celery, cucumber, tomato

d - savory rice and chicken as off to cinema

snack go ahead crispy slice x 2
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hi all unfortunately alot worse than i thought mmmm 6.5 on but bought 12 week countdown so it will come off soon

b - 2 weetabix, milk (skimmed) banana
l - same as yesterday 5 syns - tuna, veg, pasta, saladcream
d - sw quiche, beans, oven chips 5 syns.
dessert - melon

motivated now. gotta change my breakfasts as miss my b during day so gonna have oatso simple but syn it from tomorrow - (and weetabix and crohns dont seem to mix with me)


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Dont worry about the gain hun, ive seen much worse, and like you say it'll be off in no time!!

Only thing i will say about your dinner is to make sure you get your 3rd free foods in

motivated now. gotta change my breakfasts as miss my b during day so gonna have oatso simple but syn it from tomorrow - (and weetabix and crohns dont seem to mix with me)
I hear ya - I'm ok with normal weetabix but the chocolate ones are disastrous

Have you thought about doing some green days Ronnie? That way you can have your Oats So Simple for brekkie (currently my fave) and then some bread or whatever throughout the day. Obviously you miss out on meat, but if you're desperate, you can always syn that. I find that having the extra Hex A for cheese helps that though :)

Kirsty xx


Fighting the bulge
I think green/red days are best of HEX lovers!! I use to always do red days and had better losses than i do on EE but lifestyle changes have meant that EE is easier for me now - i suppose thats why they call it Extra Easy lol.

good day today

hex a feta,
hex b hi fi bar
milk 4 syns
cinnamin oats so simple 6 syns

jacket, spaghetti hoops, home made sw quiche with tomatoes and ham

dinner - home made chilli with onions, mushrooms, peppers, kidney beans and rice

dessert - fruit and yog

still got gurgelly belly and not so nice windypops so not sure now if it was the weetabix
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well so far plan for today is

28g porridge oats, with sweetener, milk (hexa and b) 6 prunes 3syns

lunch - jacket spud, chicken, lf super noodles 2 mini babybel 4 syns - followed by fruit

dinner - chilli/spaghetti not sure yet with lots of sf veg and rice. May use 2 mini babybel for 4 syns.

dessert shape yog and a kiwi probably

syns for day will by 11
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morning everyone

b - porridge (hexb) 6 prunes 3 syns milk 4 syns
l - jacket, supernoodles, tuna, 3 mini babybel light
d - home made stew with potatoes, parsnip, swede, onions, carrots, oxo, beef mmmmmmm
green day - breakfast - weetabix, and milk
lunch home made wedges, sw quiche,
snack 2 apples and a hi fi bar (6 syns)
dinner chicken pasta (hex b) and 2 mini babybel
snack cadbury mini roll 6.5

total today 12.5


Fighting the bulge
Hey huni!!

Im really craving some stew! Ive seen it in a few peoples diaries!!!

Ouch 18 syns is a lot for 2 dumplings!! Never mind, you can make that up during the week

epic fail today - in carlisle all day

breakfast hifi at 7am
lunch - provided by new boss no choice - chicken salad sandwich from greggs and a packet of crisps
snack on train home - too many haribo, and some sw quiche
dinner - jacket spud, chicken and herb super noodles (low fat) tuna, 2 mini babybel light

so my syns are the sandwich and 250g bag of haribo and cheese and onion crisps so hoep i dont put on this week


Fighting the bulge
Huni that is not an epic fail for 2 reasons;

1 - the sandwich situation was not your fault

2 - you ate a SW quiche as a snack!!

I would call this a blip. An epic fail would be going to greggs and having a sandwich, crisps, cake, full fat drink and a pasty of some sort then on the train home having haribo, bar of chocolate and a McDs!! lol

Dont be hard on yourself huni your doing really well!! xx

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