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RoobyC's Food Diary - feedback gratefully recieved

Friday 24th June

B - Nectarine, melon, blueberries and mullerlight yog

snack - Apple

L - mushroom and pepper omelette with salad
Skinny Cow ice lolly - (4.5)

mini jelly beans (2)

D - Joes sausages, mashed potato,leeks, carrots, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, greens
yoghurt and strawberries

HE a - milk in coffee
1 x baby bel

HE b - 2 x Alpen lights

Skinny cow - 4.5
jelly beans - 2
treat size chocs 6.5
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Sat 25th EE

B - Banana, yoghurt, 2 x ryvita

L - speed soup
Scan Bran cake

D - SW doner kebab (3.5)
Salad and SW chips, garlic mayo (1/2)
Fruit salad and yog

HEa skimmed milk
HEb Wholemeal Pitta

mini jelly beans (2.5)
Scan Bran (2.5)
ryvita (3)
lamb mince (3.5)
mayo (1/2)
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Sunday 26th Green

B - scan bran, yog, blueberries & banana

L - Speed soup,
fruit salad and yoghurt

D - smash pizza, roasted veg, jacket spud, coleslaw (1/2)
Roulade with SW lemon curd

snack - SW cheesecake (alpen light, quark, options)

HEa - skimmed milk
42 g low cheese
HEb - 1 x alpen light and 2 scan bran

Syns - options (2)
snack a jacks curls (4.5)
mini jelly beans (2)
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Monday 27th - original
B - Muller light, 11/2 scan bran and pineapple

Brunch - 2 x joes sausages, poached eggs, mushrooms, passata, 1 x wm toast

Tea- sw quiche with smash crust (1) salad
Fruit salad and yog

D - SW doner kebab (3.5), salad and mayo (1/2)
SW roulade with lemon curd

HEa - skimmed milk
1 x baby bel

HEb - 1/2 scan bran / 1/2 toast
wm pitta

smash (1)
Donor meat (3.5)
choc (4)
Mayo (1/2)
= 9

Working 12-8 so can't really have regular meal times
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Tuesday 28th - Red and EE ??

B - Banana and yoghurt

snack - banana

L - Salad, turkey, garlic mayo (1/2)
Fruit salad and yoghurt
S Banana -

D - 2 x Joes sausages, sw chips, beans eggs
SW roulade with SW lemon curd

HEa - milk
HEb - Hi fi bar

Mayo - (1/2)
Snack a jacks (4.5)

Weigh in tonight so nothing after 2pm !! think i may have overdone the banana's today, but going a bit brown so need using !!
Weigh day and under syns - that must be a first :D but then did sort of mix plans today

1.5lbs off:happy036:

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Weds 28th Green

B - melon, yoghurt 1x scan bran

L - Pasta'n'sauce (1/2)extra broccoli and salad,(leaves, cucumber, tomato, pepper, radish, chickpeas)
SW roulade

D - SW carrot and coriander burgers, sw chips, courgette and asparagus

Ryvita and laughing cow

HEa - skimmed milk
2 x LC litr
HEb - 2 x alpen light
4 x ryvita

pasta'n'sauce (1/2)
pickle (1)
options (2)
chilli sauce (1)
Jelly beans (2)
= 6.5
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Thurs 30th June Green

B - Yoghurt with 2 scan bran, banana

L - Speed soup, fruit salad and yog

S - thorntons choc (3.5), apple, Morrisons crackers (3.5) 1 x LC lite

D - veggie stirfry, (Carrots, mangetout, peppers, onions, baby sweetcorn,beansprouts) noodles
Fruit salad

HEa - Milk, LC lite
HEb - 2 x scanbran

Syns - thorntons 3.5
crackers 3.5
mini fudge 3
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Friday - Red

B - yoghurt, 2 x scan bran and grapefruit

S - cherries, grapes and banana

L - Stirfry veg, beansprouts and chicken (last nights leftovers without the noodles !)
Melon and pineapple and yoghurt

S - apple and alpen light
Buffet - 4 x sandwich 1/4 (HE) and few nibbles, mainly just ate the meat out of the middle of the sandwiches.

D - Onions, pepper, beansprouts sugarsnap peas and salmon

Syns - not sure due to buffet but should be under 15

HEa milk
HEb scan bran, alpen light

Saturday 2nd July - FREE

B - banana, mullerlight, scan bran (1.5) strawberries

L - mushroom Omelette, LF cheese (HEa) salad

S - cherries and nectarine

D - Quorn balls, ratatouille sauce (toms, passata, onions, peppers, courgette) Babybel light
Almond and cherry meringue flan. ( sw roulade made into a flan, with a layer of quark mixed with whitechoc options, layer of fresh cherries with meringue on top) delish

HEa - milk and cheese
HEb - Scan bran, buterscotch hifi

Syns - jelly beans (2)
options (2)
Snack a jacks curls (4)
= 8
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Sunday 3rd July Extra Easy

B - bowl of weetabix crunchy Bran (HEb) and milk (HEa) with banana, strawberries and black currants

S - peach

L - Mushroom Omelette and salad
left over almond flan

S -Banana and yoghurt

D - Chicken Curry and Rice (yummy)
Fruit salad and yoghurt
wispa Ice cream

HEa - Milk
HEb - Crunchy Bran

Syns - options 1
Tom puree 1
Ice cream 6
crackers 3

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Monday 4th July Red

B - yoghurt with 1.5 scan bran, (1.5) strawberries, blackberries

L - Salad (forgot chicken so very boring !!)
Fruit salad and yoghurt

snack - banana, clementine, crackers (3)

D - pork, prawns, butternut squash chips, roasted peppers and onion. LF minted yoghurt
Syn free almond lemon meringue

HEa - Milk
2 x LC light
HEb - 1.5 scan bran, 2 x ryvita
Bear granola nibbles

syns - crackers - 3
popadom - 1.5
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thanks hun, I mix red, green and EE depending on what I fancy, I have been static for the past 6-9 months (am at target in group) but really want to loose more. I think I am back on a downward streak at the mo, fingerscrossed
Tuesday 5th July Extra Easy

B - Crunchy Bran, banana, strawberries

L - chicken salad, melon, nectarine & grapefruit

Snack (after WI) snack a jacks curls, banana

D - Chicken curry, rice, pot and BNS wedges

HEa - milk
HEb - Crunchy Bran

Snack a jacks - 4.5
chocs (7)

Weigh in and another 1.5 lbs off, woohoo, seems to be shifting again.
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Wednesday 6th July Green

B - Yoghurt, fozen fruit and scan bran

L - speed soup, melon and yoghurt

S - Banana and alpen light

D - Ainsley's veg spelt (1), broccoli, baby sweetcorn, sugarsnap peas and roast butternut squash

HEa - milk,
2 x BB
HEb - 2 scan Bran, 1 x Alpen light

4 x tutti frutti sweets (2?)
Ainsley's spelt ( 1)
Wispa ice cream (6)

= 9
Thursday 7th July Red

B - Nectarine
Yoghurt, scan bran and fruit

S - Banana

L - Sausage, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and 1 slice toast

S - cherries
6 x ryvita, cottage cheese, BB and tomatoes
Melon and yoghurt

D - left over chicken casserole, (chicken, carrots, peas, mushrooms)

HEa - Milk
2 x BB light
Heb - 4 x ryvita
1 toast, 2.5 scan bran

Syns 2 x ryvita (3)
jelly beans (2)
choc (3.5)

= 8.5

Work on late shift so needed bigger snack at tea time then dinner when I got home.
Friday 8th July Green

B - Scan Bran, yoghurt and frozen Berries

S - Banana

L - Jacket pot, salad and cottage cheese
Melon, strawberries and yog

S - Snack-a-jacks,
T - Ryvita, LC cheese, pickle, melon and strawberries

D - noodles, stirfry veg
Alpen light

HEa - Milk,
LC lite

HEb - Scan bran / alpen light

pickle (1)
Snack-a-jack curls (4.5)
jelly beans (1)

Long day at work, hence tea and dinner !!

Sat 9th July Red

B - Crunchy Bran and strawberries
nectarine and banana

S - 1 x hobnob

L - Joes sausages, bacon, tomatoes and eggs

D - diet coke gammon, butternut and veg

HEa - Milk
HEb - Cereal

Syns - Hobnob (3)
jelly beans (2)
Sunday 9th July Red

B - Scan bran, yoghurt and berries

S - Banana

L - picnic, Sw quiche, sw scotch egg, salad, beetroot, all good so far then went down hill !!!
crisps, vol au vent, chocolate cake, choc cornflake cake and too many marshmallows to count !!

D - sw lamb kebab, salad and pitta

HEa - Milk, cheese
HEb - Pitta, scan bran

Syns - Flexi syns
chocolate cake, marshmallows, tea cake, cornflake cake, crisps,

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