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Rosie's SW Journey

Welcome to my Slimming World Journey

I'm going to try and keep this up to date and waffle away my thoughts here rather than on the main boards.

Today I've been very good

Bacon, scarmbled egg and beans for brekkie - shared with the son lol!

For lunch I had egg salad sandwich (nimble bread HE) with some Onken Strawberry Fat Free Yog

For Tea it was SW chicken/turkey curry with egg fried brown rice, also had tomatoes and cucumber on the side with some Onken Strawberry Fat Free Yog for pud.

Had some extra low fat mayo on the sandwich at lunch - 2 syns

Also because I did oven chips for the hubby and son - I ate two of the chips - so am gonna count those as 2 syns

While typing this I've just finished the rest of the Onken Yog

and since I've only had 4 syns today so far I'm thinking about getting either an alpen bar or a pink/white

will update if I decide to go for one
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Ok had 4 syns already today

and just noticed that I didn't have my HXA so I've just had crunchy nut cornflakes with semi skilled milk
Checked online syns and that is 5 1/2 points

so today's syns are 9 1/2 syns :)
ok for brekkie this morning I had some banana - didn't eat all of it, was struggling at breakfast this morning - sometimes I just can't face it

Lunch was a yummy cheese salad sandwich, nimble bread (HXB) and 20grms low low cheese (HXA - other half of this was used for dinner)
Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, boiled egg, red onion
extra low fat mayo (2 syns)

for tea I had the other half of my sw curry - but tonight I had it with sw chips with garlic and paprika and cheese on them - very yummy.
Had salad with it as well, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber and boiled egg.
Also had some extra light mayo (approx 2 syns again)

so far today I've had 4 syns

am probably going to have a curly wurly in a little bit - which will be 6 syns
so 10 syns in total
ok brekkie was a banana

Lunch was an egg mayo sandwich (HXB) with baked beans on the side
2 syns for extra low mayo

Tea was potato waffles (2.5 syns each so 5syns) fried onion, baked beans, quorn sausages, fried egg, and cheese (HXA)

so have used 7 syns today so far

am contemplating something else to eat as I've just done the grass and am shattered and hungry - so am going to go and raid the fridge and see what I can have - possibly a pink and white and toffee mullerlight yog. that will be an extra 2.5 syns which will bring today up to 9.5 syns

- yep am gonna go and sort that now.

Have done over 8000 steps today - have broken out the pedometer

Yesterday I did over 16000 steps so was well happy with that.
ok so yesterday was Saturday and I didn't write down what I ate so am about to give it a shot to remembering what I had.

missed breakfast

Lunch was a sandwich of some sort - think it was laughing cow and ham.

For tea we had a BBQ - which was fine as I did the salad - lots of it, and made colslaw so I know it was all extra low fat dressings

Had 4 sausages - approx 2 syns in total (SW Sausages from local butcher) Had two halves of burgers - one was chicken, pork and bacon, the other was peppered approx 2 syns (agains SW from same butcher)
Had some colslaw and potatoe salad (approx 3 syns in total)

so by my working out - I had approx 7 syns in total yesterday,

went to my sister's and we spent an hour on the wii - burned off 225calories

then she made the all bran cake - and had a bit of that 1.5 syns (didn't have a full slice) so I think I've had 8.5 syns in total yesterday

I was also in the pool - little one but it was cold so I think I was burning something trying to keep warm :eek:) but am not counting on it


Now for today Sunday

For brekkie I had two toast and fried egg

for lunch - sunday roast - lamb - one roast pot (2 syns) gravey (2 syns) and two bite size aunt bessies yorkshire puds ( 2 syns)

for tea I had some of the left over salad with ham and boiled egg. (approx 3 syns)

so far today I've had 9 syns

but am currently hungry at the mo as I was in the pool again after tea and it was cold again so now I'm really hungry - am debating about having sw chips and fried egg! will ponder the thought and think about what else I can have instead!
Thanks for your input eternal - it all helps to know I'm doing something right :)

Today wasn't so good though

Had white toast for brekkie

Had two white bread sandwiches for lunch

and then had a late weigh in so got a take out on the way back - have probably had in excess of 40 syns today - but have got nimble back in and will be back on track tomorrow!
Things have not been good since I fell off the wagon on Monday - I can't even begin to write down what I've eaten since then - I haven't been syning it at all - am too scared to - had take out on Monday night and also on Tuesday night - tried to get back on track today but that seems to have resulted in me not eating until tea time and since then I've had loads of chocolate and am now trying to think of what else I have in the cupboard that I can eat.

Am going to look into having some red/green days for the rest of the week - but am a bit scared as I've never done them before - so I'm going to be reading the book and checking out online to see what I can and can't have - am also going to try not to have any syns (outside of meals) and try and only have free foods as snacks - and even then - superfree is my goal!

Will update tomorrow - hopefully things will be back on track then!

*fingers crossed*


Excited about the new me!
Hi Rosie.. Right honey, gonna try and gie you a few tips with these plans.

With your Red Days, all you need to remember is that it is unlimmited meat, Veg (apart from starchy ones) and fruit.. then you have 2 HEA's and 2 HEB's.

So you could make a huge chilli and then count your pitta bread at 3.5 syns. This is apparently a quicker loss, so steak again unlimmited with lots of salad.. No sweetcorn on this plan.. Breakfast - Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes.. all free. Sunday Roast Dinner, lots of cooked chicken, veg and potatoes from your HEB (must leave skins on). Free Veg Soup.

Green Day, again, 2 HEA's and 2 HEB's - unlimmited dry pasta, noodles, rice, jacket potatoes and beans. Plus your free veg and fruit too. Veg Chow mein comes to mind, with chopped chicken from your HEB.. you can have mounds of the veg and noodles, just need to count your meat.. Jacket Potatoe with baked beans - free and low fat grated cheese on top - HEA. Free Veg Soup

Hope that gives you some kind of direction :D. Get some sleep and hope your baby is much better. xx
Thank you hennyhamster :)

Thanks for that Eternal :) - only just noticed your message today - it will come in very handy - I don't mind not having meat a couple of times a week but think I will struggle on red days - will have another read and see what I can do so thank you so much for the info :)

And guess what - I managed a green day today - am so chuffed with myself - I've had 3.5 syns today so far! :)

For brekkie I had two toast with laughing cow on it (only used one triangle)- HEX B

Lunch was a cheese omlette with laughing cow (one triangle + one slice of low low cheese) HXA with that I had a large portion of colslaw (2 syns)
For pudding I had fresh pineapple, grapes and strawberries with fat free vanilla yogurt

for tea I fried leftover mashed pots and veg from yesterday - added two eggs and popped it in the grill to set the eggs - (couldn't eat all of it) and had that with some leftover peas and sweetcorn :eek:)

The hubby and son had oven chips tonight - and I'm so proud of the fact that I didn't eat ANY of their chips - usually I have 4/5 chips while serving them up :D

Have had such a good day - and now I'm about to go and grab some pineapple and have a little munch and then head to bed.

Baby is a bit better - or was last night - he's had a good day so we will see what tonight brings.

Good night for now :eek:)


Excited about the new me!
Hi Rosie

Glad things are better now and your baby has slept, will make a big difference to how you feel. Just check on the popcorn:

Basic/Non Branded Foods Crisps & snacks, basic, Popcorn, plain, popped without fat 28g

5½ Syns on Extra Easy
Original 5½ Syns
Green 5½ Syns

Food looked good yesterday, enjoy your day xx
Thank you Eternal for the info on the popcorn - I may get some in stock.

I did a Red day today

for breakfast I had toast and laughing cow cheese (HEX A & B) (Didn't use all the cheese as I had some for tea too)

for lunch I had grapes, strawberries and pineapple with some fat free yogurt :)

For tea I had jacket potatoes (HEB) (approx 250g - so need to add 2 syns) along with a large helping of colslaw (3 syns) and salmon baked with cheese and herbs on top

5 syns consumed today - am considering an Alpen bar right now as I've been playing on the Wii at my sister's tonight and am rather peckish at the moment.

Also through the day I've been drinking vanilla flavoured green tea - which I'm finding nice with some sweetener in it :)

Didn't have anything to eat last night after I posted here - went straight to bed

Feeling good at the moment - am hoping I've been able to pull back from the bad start to the week and that I will at least stay the same.
Hi Eternal - I did have a big bowl of the fruit for lunch - I just fancied it and didn't fancy anything much else so thought a big bowl would be ok.

ummm will have to do some more planning me thinks!

Today hasn't been too bad - been on extra easy today

I skipped brekkie - naughty me!! Couldn't face anything before I went out and then I wasn't back until lunchtime

For lunch I had pasta, passata, onion, peas and some chopped ham - was rather yummy :)

For tea I made SW Chips, SW burgers along with fried onions (in frylight) mushy peas, home made colslaw (1.5 syns) Low low cheese (HXA) brown roll (HXB) and I had some mayo on the side (0.5 syns)

I have to say it was very yummy!! really enjoyed it - didn't finish all the sw chips - so am just considering reheating some of them to have a munch on. and because I've only had 2 syns today am thinking of eating another roll - there are two left! - that will be an extra 6 syns which will bring my syns to 8 - will prob have to add 0.5 on there for mayo too - so 9.5 syns for today

mmmmm yummy - am off to do that now - back later :)
Well today i'm feeling a bit fed up and really wanting to just quit sw at the mo and eat a big bar of chocolate and a McDonalds but on the other hand I'm wanting to lose this weight so I can look better and feel better and be able to keep up with my small son more.

Anyway on with what I've eaten today

breakfast was two toast and laughing cow cheese

lunch was at my dad's - it was roast chicken with the works - stuffing (small bit - possibly 3 syns?!) 1 small roast spud done in oil (Possible 3 syns) veg (carrots, brussels, brocoli, cauliflower) mashed potatoes, and loads of gravy (Bistol - homemade with the juice from the chicken - Have no idea how many syns for that - am guessing somewhere in the region of 5-7 syns)

So far that makes somewhere up to 13 syns

For tea I made SW scotch eggs but made them with turkey mince - and cous cous on the top - didn't really like them that much to be honest - will have to try and get sausage meat or put more herbs or something in the next time - really not sure - but I didn't even have any veg with it - I just didn't feel like it

then I made some SW ferero rocher - made it using 5 rivita and 2 spoons of chocolate - but don't think I did it right as it has turned out quite dry - put it into 7 bun cases at approx 2 syns each - and I've just eaten 4 of them ( 8 syns )

So today I've just had 21 syns - and I get weighed in tomorrow

How silly am I?!?! and I'm hungry right now too could really do with eating something and I know there is a roll left!

I might just go to bed and see if that helps! :(


Excited about the new me!
Morning Rosie.

You aren't silly hun..You are making the right choices on SW, just having too many of the syns. Try cutting back on cooking syns in advance, and use free food and sf too, you could still make meat and veg kebabs - free, potatoe rosti's - free, veggie rice with spices. You can pic on those when you are hungry and they use SF foods too.

Good luck at WI today hun xx
Eternal - can I just say thank you so much for all your help and support this past week - you have been so helpful and kind and your advice has been fab :)

Well at WI I lost 2.5lbs :)
I got my Club 10 and also 1.5stone sticker

For today I had a HXB roll filled with scrambled egg

The for tea I had chicken and beansprouts in oyster sauce with chips (oppps! after WI treat!) and for pudding I had a magnum :(

I do have to say though that I did enjoy it! :)

am planning on getting back on track tomorrow first thing with breakfast and then planning the meals for the week and also getting in more exercise - am off to buy a sports bra this week so I can do my dance DVD each night - since I can't justifiy buying a WII have decided I'm going to spend at least 30mins a night doing a dance DVD :) especially as my pedometer broke this week!!!

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