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round 2


please try again
hey nightnight, how are you doing now hun? i remember you had to go in for an operation, did everything go ok?

good luck with getting back on, if your heads in the right place it will be just fine hun
thanks susan xxx well done on yr losses

summayah hey how are you doing .. me im fine all is better now just need to back back on cd now ...... how are you doing hun ?


please try again
hey night night, im good.

on day 5 of a restart here, found it fine getting back into it though have tried last few weeks and got no where, just seems to have clicked this week
Welcome back. Glad everything's well now. Good Luck on the rest of your CD journey.
liz:eek: flirty:eek::eek: aww just like the old days lol glad yr all still around :eek:
and yes ill have 3 stone off by xmas please

well ive got till 12 miday yay me i feel great already just noing im starting back :D


Must do it this time
hey nightnight welcome back hun,i too have just restarted on monday so yes it can be done,just remember why you are doing this,stick pictures of yourself on the fridge to give you incentive to carry on,best of luck to you,
liz you lost 85pounds ! is that right ? ( just fell on the floor ) how many stones is that and how did you do it
It's just over 6 stone. Started CD back on the 7th of April, so it's been a long journey. Hopefully coming to the end of it shortly.
As I remember rightly you were flying along before you had to come off for medical reasons. No doubt you'll be back into the swing of things in no time.
so much to lose glad yr back on it and yr over the hill in ketosis lucky so and so lol hopefully be joining you soon for the long haul this time i plan for this to be my last time on cd so got to make it a good one :D glad ive got you guys to talk too its helps so much xx


please try again
aww you know the cr*py feelings going to pass then you can be buzzing with the rest of us, lol

grab a jumper and a scarf though, its cold here in k land

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