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RTM is not as easy as you think...


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Its definitely proving more challenging than I thought.

Not for any particular part of it per se, but just the feelings.

I was so bloody minded in abstinence, and I was never hungry, the whole thing was a breeze.

Now, in RTM, when a bit of hunger returns, it fills me with doubt. Am I eating the wrong thing, is that one too many lumps of cottage cheese, my god look at the carb content of that!

Normal (ish) sane man gone slightly doolally tap.

Then today, I havent felt hungry ONE little bit. All Ive wanted today is water.The thought of food is repulsing me at the moment, and yet I feel absolutely fine in myself. From weighing this morning at 11' 11, I just did it again now (about 6.30pm) and it reads 11' 6 lb. Thats crazy.

Maybe a little obsession is healthy. Thats what I keep telling myself anyway.

Sorry to rant - just helps knowing that Im not the only out there.

LL definitely opens up bits of your mind you've never really delved much into before thats for sure!!
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Hey Petey,
I'm going through exactly the same thing. Development was easy peasy but RTM is bloody hard. Im actually going to go and buy a journal today and along with writing down exactly what im eating, im going to put in it all my worries, concerns, feelings and acheivements. I think it will help me stay focused and keep on track.
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Sorry to hear your both struggling... (ok maybe struggling is not the word)... I'm not there yet but I hope it improves for both of u xxx

Deb G

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I'm not finding it TOO hard, but I do note down my cals everyday and anything I've earned through exercise. I'm only reintroducing low-carb foods, so maybe that's why I'm not hungry/craving and why my weight has stayed stable. Once I've finished (in Week 8 now) I'll just count my carbs and see how I get on - if I start gaining then I will have to look at carbs AND cals together.


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Not finding it too hard either. Even being away last week I have been fine. From my scales I have stayed the same, but will find out tonight at WI but can't have put on much if anything if mine have not moved.
On week 12 and finish that on Friday.
Into management then, feel fine about that, have been counting cals since week 7 and that seems to be working fine for me.
I have been feeling the same about RTM, it is harder then what i thought! Am trying to exercise more regularly now and build that up! Don't forget I don't get support from my LLC, have enquired for a new LLC (which I should have done over 7 months ago), so am just waiting for the new LLC to get back to me and see whether I can join her group!

Janey B

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Deb, like you I would like to go down the low carb plan for the future after RTM. I am beg wk 7 today and so far have a 1/2st loss through my RTM, I know that probably from now on I shall either stabalise or have small gains during wks 8--12. Can you advise a good book to keep me on straight and narrow, I have looked at quite a few but they are just leaving me more confused, how do you work out how many you need a day? Also can you get a book that lists the carb values of all foods? Sorry I feel I am really quizing you but after following your posts since beg RTM I feel you know what your talking about.
Keep up all the good work everybody who is on RTM. Janey. xx

Deb G

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S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
You can buy the 'Calorie Fat and Carb Bible 2008' from Amazon which lists everything - very useful. As far as low-carbing is concerned, what I will be doing is following the Low-Carb Veggie Diet. It starts on 20g a day for losing weight (well, I don't need to do that) then you can work your way up by adding 5g of carbs a day for a week until the weight stabilises. I know from the past that I stabilise at 60-80g of carbs - so I will just start like that. You could start at 40g and work your way up to see what your body will tolerate. Some people can even manage 100g a day without putting on weight.

'Low Carbing for Dummies' (again from Amazon) is an easy way to get your head round it as it allows you free (although in fact they're just VERY low carb) foods and puts things into portions rather than counting grams. Other than that, just go onto Amazon and put in 'low carb' and you will find LOADS of recipe books. I've got all the veggie ones and some of the baking ones.

For snacks like choc, biscuits, pasta, bread etc, go onto UK Low Carb Megastore Shop Diet Plan High Protein Atkins Chocolate Carbfood Bar. - I get alot of stuff off there as it tells you the net carbs for each item - you can't go wrong then!

Janey B

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S: 13st10.5lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st3.5lb(9.09%)
Thank you so much Debs that is really helpful to me, i shall be onto the amazon website right now! Also onto the atkins website as i think the bars will help in m/ment.
Janey. xx

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