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ruined my week


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* moan alert *
Ladies i have just ruined all good work from last couple of weeks - was soooo good then this week - stress of work and * week got on top of me and ive eaten like a hippo - gosh there is no stopping my appetite -
Im done - feel sick with the intake of chocolate
weight in on monday and im scared ill put it all back on again
Was wanting a fresh start for my dress fitting but i suppose ill need to start fresh again from now

sorry for the rant - annoyed why i do this when being so good

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Try upping your water intake to claw it back a bit, this worked for me last week. Onwards and downwards hon :)


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Can't answer your question hun but I can tell you that you're not alone.

I've had 4 days away this week in Majorca with my friend, came home thurs and went to class on fri and happily only gained 1 lb cos I chose from the food buffet very carefully however we did drink rather a lot.

I had planned to go shopping straight after class on fri morning to fill my fridge up with lots of SW foods but I got a phone call to say my mum was ill. Despite spending the rest of the day sorting mum out I managed to stick to plan even though I was struggling to find the right foods in my mother's fridge, lol.

Today I went to the supermarket before going to work and spent a fortune on food just for today so I've been really good all day today . . . . until I got home!!! I made SW doner kebabs for me and my hubby and had loads of salad and then when I went into the fridge for the milk for my cuppa there was a cadbury chocolate desert there shouting my name!!!! 3 hours later I have now consumed the choc desert (11 and 1/2 syns) plus 3 double vodkas!!!! And the night is still young :sigh:

How many syns I'll consume tonight is anyone's guess but I am determined that tomorrow will dawn and I will get back on plan - suffering slightly with a hangover and the thought of very few syns for the rest of the week but I'm gonna do my hardest to lose that extra lb I've gained and hopefully another one to go with it.


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Oh VITFA hon, How I can sympathise. I've had a tough week too - 2 days totally off plan and after a quick sneaky peek at the scales this morning I'm 2lb up with just 24 hours to WI to do something about it.

But that's the point! I'm going to get straight back on plan today, drinks lots of water, and eat sensibly. Maybe miss out all my syns (heavens knows I've had enought to last all week in the last 2 days) and think positive.

You know how to do this, you've already lost loads. We all have bad days so tell all the food to "get thee behind me satan" and pick up again. YOU CAN DO IT!


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Sorry to hear you've had a rubbish week, but stick to plan between now and WI and you could salvage your week :) You can do this!

Plenty of water, tonnes of super speed foods and some exercise, you'll be well on your way to turning your week around.
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Try not to worry hun, Im not sure how I have done this week too as been really good all week then went out for a meal on friday and last night had quite abit of chocolate lol! Really hoping I can pull it back now though. If I continue to be good I can hope for at least a maintain lol xxx


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Ladies - thank you thank you thank you

I have been good since my little melt down - even though i an craving chocolate.

Im having one of those weeks when im like - what are free foods what are super free - (3years im and still getting used to it )

I have had an ok day - not much in the way of superfree - but dinner is loaded with veggies and then having - strawberries and raspberries

hope all you ladies are well



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I've just had two days off plan..eeek!
And unless I find an alternative fave meal for Saturday night I may go off plan again, you see I can live without chocolate without even using a smidge of willpower, but bread is my downfall.

My fave Saturday meal is Chicken burger in a ciabatta bun and chips. Now I'd made a lovely SW coleslaw and had SW chips but the chicken burgers and ciabatta bun were mega syns.

Today I had a non SW roast dinner (I normally only eat free foods and use all my Syns on dinner as my hubby cooks and I don't want to have to tell him to do it my way and risk him not cooking again!), but tonight I've had white poppy seeded bread with egg mayo, french fries crisps, and two pots of low fat greek style yogurt!

You know what, I think I fail because I didn't plan properly!

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