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Russian Doll - Irene and Ann.....

Hi Guys

You probably do not remember me BUT I have spoken to all 3 of you a few times during my CD journey - I started in March and had lost 10 stone by November - I kinda went of track for a month or so due to some personal health issues but have now been ss for the last ten days and am currently now 9lbs heavier than my lightest -- I really want to lose this last troublesome 2 stone and then hopefully push off an additional one which will put me at 9 stone done! I am due to have a tt april-june so I really want to be able to maximise teh tuck with this last piece of weight gone - and just thought I'd pop and say hi...

Russian Doll - your progress photos are fab - I still use teh PH and make the occaisnsioal porridge - u r dong fab how much more are you hoping to shift?

Ann - you star - are you enjoying food now?

IreneH - hope you are Kitten are well - how are you doing diet wise?


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So pleased to hear from you and i have often wondered how you are. Have you heard from Claire?

So pleased you are now a CDC and you will be a big inspiration to your clients.

I have been struggling but today is my new attempt. I shall tell Cat you are on the site.

And congratulations on that magnificent weight loss. Have you any photos.

Irene xx
Hi Irene - I have some photos but not sure how to post them! Fab to hear from you - I herd from claire at Christmas she is well and enjoying life and holding her slim shape well!! _ I am very happy for her. Good luck in the re attack - are you ss??


I STILL mean it!
Hi broadpaws,
I'm much the same as you, about 7-9 lbs more than I was at my lightest, and finding it a b***** to shift!!!
I'm going to Prague for my birthday for 4 days on Saturday, so it'll probably be a stone by the time I get back.
Might even go back on SS for 2 or 3 weeks to shift it once and for all.
Ann x
Losing 10 stone is just amazing, it's really motivating to the rest of us!

Well done!

First of all ... congratulations on an awesome weight-loss achievement - 10st is fantastic! If I'd only had your determination I'd be at goal by now instead of needing to lose another 3st - oh well ... I'll get there in the end!

Well done again - your achievement is inspirational! :)
hi guys

Debbie - Ideally I would still like to shift 3 stone - wanna be a buddy? Are you SS at the mo?? I am on day 11 and am 12 3/4lbs lighter than 10 days ago and in the next stone boundary this morning which has made my day!!

What goal weight are you aiming for?
My provisional goal is 10st and on Monday I was 13st 1lb.

I'm 'sort of' SSing ... sounds bizarre but I'm basically having my three packs per day plus the occasional small pot of cottage cheese or nibbles of chicken breast. This doesn't happen every day so it can't be classed as 790 - hence the 'sort of' SSing :)

If you're fully SSing then you'll probably leave me standing but I'm certainly happy to buddy up - when's your weigh in day?
hi - i had a few of those type days as well!!! Its certainly harder 2nd/3rd time!! around!! My wi is a saturday - when is yours?? Would be fab to buddy up as we both have comparable to lose I started at 12-12 dropped tenlbs in first week and have SS successfully the last 2 days - but will adlib with it when and if I feel the need! Have you got a time span to hit "target?" I would LOVE to see 9-7 but will be over the moon with 10 - I have a TT due in a few months so would love to get as small as possible so they can get rid of as much skin at once - I am really short 5-1ish so DREAM weight would be 8-7 - and I am hoping that the op will see around 5lbs go - but one step at a time!!
Hiya Goingtoloseweight I thi nk you have done really marvelous at losing 10stones it Is credit to you I need to lose alot too did you follow your own diet or did you go to a slimming club. Wish I could get your motivation
Hiya Goingtoloseweight I thi nk you have done really marvelous at losing 10stones it Is credit to you I need to lose alot too did you follow your own diet or did you go to a slimming club. Wish I could get your motivation
Hi Bethany - I think it's marvelous too, but sadly isn't me! I've only lost 1 stone so far (-:

Hi Bethany

CD all the way till 10 stone - now CD for the last 2/3!! Its a fab diet you just have to be focused - and especially focused/selfish and get through the first 7 days !!

Good lUck!

HI Russian DollHows the ad lib SS working? I am quite pleased a couple of protein diversions and one bad carb fest a week ago but scales are showing a loss of 15lbs in 18 days - so hoping that it will keep coming off...Hope you are well

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