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Ruth's Diary Week 2

Wednesday 27th October- Extra Easy

Breakfast: Ready break (HEB) original with water and 2 large sliced Kiwis (love it as the Kiwis become warm and very sweet)
Cup of Tea with Semi Skimmed Milk, I'm using 250ml as my HEA.

Lunch: Tuna Nicoise Salad (from Food Optimising):
Boiled Eggs, Baby New Pots, Green Beans, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Tuna, Pickled Onions & Asparagus Tips.
Strawberry Muller Yogurt with Banana, Cup of Tea with S/S Milk.

Dinner: (After Weigh-in!) Beef Stir Fry (from 7 Days to Success):
Beef Sirloin, Mangetout, Beansprouts, Yellow Pepper, Chilli, Garlic, Water Chestnuts, Noodles and Soy Sauce.
Raspberries with Fat Free Natural Yog, Low Calorie Bitter Cranberry Drink.

Syns: 1 tbsp Hellmanns Light Mayo = 2.5
1 Small Glass Red Wine = 6.0
= 8.5
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I know its boring!

But If i can try and help others- plus writing it down myself always helps me then hopefully Im doing something right :)
Thursday 28th October- Red Work 12-9

Breakfast: Ready Brek (HEB1) with Water, Frozen mixed Berries & 1 Kiwi.
Cup of tea with S/S Milk (HEA1)

Lunch: Mixed Meat Salad made with Carrot Batons, Baby Corn, Cucumber, Pickled Onions, Celery, Orange Pepper, Beetroot, Fresh Chicken (skin off) Smoked Salmon, Smoked Lean Ham (1 slice) with Salad Light Vinaigrette Dressing. (It took me 2 hours to eat- it lasted me ages!)

Dinner: Homemade Fruit Salad with Pear, Orange, Apple, Kiwi, Raspberries, Strawberries, Seeded Grapes and Passionfruit Juice. 2 Extra Light Laughing Cow Triangles with 4 Sainsbury's own thin Melba Toast.
1 28g Tin of Tuna Steak, Mixed Bean Salad (HEB2) with 1 Boiled Egg.
1 Litre Bottle of Low Calorie Bitter Lemon drink.

Raspberries with Fat Free Natural Yogurt, 2 Mini Babybel Lights (HEA2)
Cup of Tea with S/S Milk (I only use dashes- it never uses all of my allowance but im willing to lose it!)

Xtra Light LC Cheese Triangles X2 = 2
Sainsbury's Melba Toast X4 = 2
Friday 29th October- Extra Easy Work 6:30-1:30

Breakfast: Original Weetabix X2 (HEB) with S/S Milk (HEA half))
Cup of Tea with S/S Milk (HEA)

Lunch: Jacket Potato with Skin, Tin of Heinz Baked Beans
Blackcurrant Squash (NAS), Diet Coke with Cherry.

Dinner: Spaghetti & Meatballs (from 7 Meals booklet) with Green Salad including Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomatoes and Mushrooms. Salad Light Vinaigrette Dressing.
28g Baguette, 1 Tbsp Bertolli Light Spread.
Left over Fruit Salad From Yesterday with Fat Free Natural Yogurt.
Diet Coke with Cherry.

Snacks: Alpen Light Chocolate & Fudge bar. Cup of tea with S/S Milk

Syns: Alpen Light Bar = 3
28g Baguette = 3.5
1 Tbsp Bertolli Light Spread = 2.5
Saturday 30th October- Green Work 1:30-9:00

Breakfast: Ready Brek (HEB1) with Water, Mango, Kiwi & Strawberries. Cup of Tea with S/S Milk (HEA1)

Lunch: Pasta & Potato Salad with 1 Egg, Spinach, Lettuce, Green Pepper, Mixed Sweetcorn & Peppers, Pickled Onions, Cucumber, Peas, Wholemeal Penne Pasta, New Potatoes (skin on), Honey & Mustard Fat Free Dressing.

Dinner:Tinned Tuna in Brine (HEB2), Strawberry, Apple & Pear pieces (fresh), Strawberry Muller Yogurt with Banana, Cadbury's Light Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate & Orange Alpen Light Bar
Diet Coke with Cherry.

Post-Work: Cup of Tea with S/S Milk, Babybel Light Mini X2 (HEA2)

Syns: Cadbury's Light Mousse = 3
Alpen Chocolate & Orange Light Bar = 3

At the moment, Im feeling good! Went running on Friday which was great- am also doing a work out DVD thats great (The Weight Watchers Move More from when I last did it!) with Aerobics, Dancercise, Boxercise, Pilates, Yoga etc. I always remind myself that I need a treat! Looking forward to next friday- Its my 4 Year Anniversary with my partner so we're going out for a Mexican :) It will be interesting to see what the scales say on Tuesday. I alternate between groups so this week I get weighed Tuesday- the week after Wednesday! I though Ive eaten loads! My next goal is to cut that down, I find it incredibly difficult at work as although i'm a lifeguard I spend a lot of time sat down! (The pool is so small I dont need to be on poolside) so my large salad lunches are perfect!
Hope everyone else is doing well!

Sunday 31st October- Red Work 6:30-1:30

Breakfast: Weetabix X2 (HEB1) with 1% Fat Milk (HEA1) & A Banana. Cup of Tea with 1% Fat Milk.

Lunch: Mullerlight Cranberry % Raspberry Yogurt with 1 Banana, 1 Orange, Pear & Apple.
2 Tomatoes, Smoked Ham (1 Slice), Mixed Beans and Sweetcorn.

Dinner: (At Mums) Cooked Chicken (all fat etc removed), Smoked Salmon, Asparagus Tips, Mixed Sweetcorn & Peppers, Rest of Mixed Beans, Celery, 1 Small Part-baked Petit Pain White Finger Roll with 1 Tsp Bertolli Light, Mushrooms, Homemade Potato Wedges (Skin on) with Garlic and 1 Tbsp EV Olive Oil (HEB2), Tomatoes, 2 Mini Babybel Lights (HEA2), Balsamic Vinegar.
Cadbury's Light Chocolate Mousse = 3

Tea with 1% Fat Milk

Syns: Small Petit Pain White Finger Roll = 3.5
1 Tsp Bertolli Light = 1
Cadbury Light Chocolate Mousse = 3

Have got a member of Staff stuck in Turkey due to the Suicide Bombing so have got to work tomorrow night- can't make Tuesday Weigh-in so am going Wednesday instead (fingers crossed). Im working 14.5 hrs today as a result (Monday). Oh well! Chin up!

Monday 01st November- Red Work 6:30am-9:00pm :(

Breakfast: Weetabix (HEB1) X2 with 1% Fat Milk (HEA1), Cup of Tea with 1% Fat Milk.

Lunch: Jacket Potato (skin on) with Tomatoes, Quark, Spinach, Smoked Ham, Pickled Onions & Lettuce
1 Bag Velvet Crunch Snacks.

Dinner(ish): Fruit Salad with Pear, Orange, Apple, Mango.
Mullerlight Strawberry Yogurt with an Orange, Finn Crisp Original Crackers X3 (HEB2) 2 Mini Babybel Lights (HEA2) 1 Large Snack A Jack Jumbo.

Post-Work: Cup of tea with 1% Milk

Large Snack A Jack Jumbo = 2.5
Velvet Crunch Snacks = 4 (per bag)
Tuesday 02nd November- Red Work 1:30-9:00

Breakfast: Ready Brek (HEB1) with 2 Kiwis, Cup of Tea with 1% Milk.
Black Filter Coffee- Met Mum for Coffee.

Lunch:Salad with Spinach, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Peas, Cooked Chicken, Smoked Ham, Pickled Onions, Mushrooms, Boiled Egg, Red Pepper, 2 Slices Kerry Low Low Mature Cheese (HEA2), Cucumber, Salad Light Vinaigrette Dressing.

Dinner: Fruit Salad with Pear, Apples (R&G), Orange and Pomegranate. 2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB2), Cadbury's Light Chocolate Mousse. Bitter Lemon Low Calorie.

Post-Work: Cup of Tea with 1% Fat Milk

Syns: Cadbury's Light Chocolate Mousse = 3

Still feeling very optimistic. Went out and bought some new Sports gear to go to work in (and for running too!) as my old ones were too big! Yay! I think that has boosted my confidence, but who knows what the scales will say! This forum has truly been a lifesaver I really don't know what I would do without it! Sharing recipes, encouraging others and helping solve problems helps everyone with their different weight loss journeys and I am incredibly grateful.
My headaches are coming back though :(
Last night- got a bit worried about what the scales were going to say! (Im such a worrier)
Lost 2.5 pounds Yay! Very pleased indeed with 1.5 to go until half a stone which will be great! Im looking for the same kind of weight loss next week as I put myself on the November Challenge to lose 10lb!
Also bought a directory as they were only 3.50, and got my Christmas Made Easy book as I took out a 12 week countdown course!
I have decided im going to stop doing green days as Im not really fond of them and they make me feel incredibly bloated when I do them, so its EE and Red from now on.
Also last night, my Consultant spoke about Success Express, although im not so sure about it! It seems like a bit of a faff!

Will keep posting my diaries and thoughts this week! Its really helped me immensely! And I hope it helps you all too.
I also want to add that having looked back at my lunchtime salads when I do an afternoon at work it looks ridiculously large! I felt quite embarrassed! But they keep me going for most of the afternoon and they take me ages to eat!

Looking for 2.5-3.0 this week so will let you know next Wednesday!
However, its my 4 year anniversary with my Partner tomorrow and we're off out for a Mexican! Im going to just eat it and start again in the morning, flexible Syns (and the same for when I go to Whitby for Fish & Chips at the Magpie next Thursday!) I have pointed my Syns for my Mexican- 25.0 for Chicken Fajitas (my favourite) but im trying not to think about it too much.

Thanks for reading :) comments/advice/encouragment etc are very much appreciated!


Wednesday 03rd November- Red Work 6:30-1:30

Breakfast: Weetabix X2 (HEB1) with 1% Fat Milk (HEA1) & a Banana
Cup of Tea with 1% Milk.

Lunch: Mullerlight Yogurt with Banana & Orange.
Spinach, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Celery & Salad Light Vinaigrette.
Cup of Tea with 1% Milk.

Dinner: [Post Weigh in!] Spaghetti Carbonara from Recipe Archives!:
Fat Free Fromage Frais, Bacon, Eggs, Chives, Wholewheat Spaghetti (HEB2), S&P, Parmesan (HEA2) Part Baked White Roll.
Diet Coke.

Part Baked Roll= 3.5
Spaghetti Carbonara = 1.5
I have had a lovely weekend! Just sorry I haven't posted I simply haven't had time! But here goes :)

Thursday 04th November 2010- Extra Easy Work 6:30-1:30

Breakfast: Weetabix X2 (HEB), 1% Fat Milk (HEA), Banana, Cup of Tea with 1% Fat Milk
Raspberries with 0% Total Greek Yogurt

Lunch: Celery, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Wafer Thin Sainsburys Ham, Tomatoes, Pickled Onions, Balsamic Vinegar, Cucumber & Mushrooms.
Muller Yogurt & Banana

Dinner: Aubergine Pasta Bake from Recipe Archive: Aubergine, Mozarella (Light), Wholemeal Pasta,
S&P, Garlic, Mushrooms, Passata. (Yum! Best meal so far I think!)
Diet Coke
Options Sachet with Natural Yogurt (How nice is that!!!!!!)
4 Squares Daim Bar Chocolate

Syns: Daim Bar Chocolate- 7.5
Options Belgian Choc Sachet- 2
= 9.5
Bit worried about Friday's! My 4 Year Anniversary with Partner so off out for a Mexican/American. Usually I would have a huge Ultimate Nachos Starter, Spicy Beef Fajitas with Sides of Chips & Onion Rings and a FULL tub of Ben & Jerrys for afters (I have no idea how i did it!) along with several cocktails etc!
Will definitely not be eating anything like that- but Im really going to enjoy myself as ive worked hard :)

Friday 05th November- Extra Easy OFF Lieu Day

Breakfast: Hovis Nimble Bread X2 (HEB) With 1 Tbsp Nutella, Tea with 1% Fat Milk (HEA)

Lunch: Not much as was waiting for the night and had beauty treatments! So, a Quick Green Salad, Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Asparagus and Balsamic Vinegar.

Dinner: Chicken Fajitas, Half a plate of Nachos (smallest size) and a Diet Coke (Yay!)

Syns: Chicken Fajitas = 25
Half Nachos: 12.5
1 Tbsp Nutella = 4.0
=41.5- eek!
Saturday 06th November- EE OFF

Breakfast: Fruit Salad (Strawberries, Raspberries, Black Grapes, Kiwi, Melon and Mango) with Natural Yogurt. Tea with 1% Fat Milk (HEA)

Lunch: Celery, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Marinated Anchovies, Spicy Pickled Onions, Cucumber, Sweetcorn, Red Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar.

Dinner: Green Beans, Ham, Smoked Salmon, Asparagus, Balsamic Vinegar.
Frozen Pureed Fruit (Yummy)
Hartleys Pot

Syns: Hartleys Frujies Pot Raspberries in Jelly = 5
Hi Ruth. I have just joined minimins. I didnt think your diry as boring at all! I found it really motivational in fact. I have just started my own. Good luck with your weigh in this week.
Sunday 07th November- EE OFF

Breakfast: Weetabix X2 (HEB) with 1 Banana and 1% Milk (HEA)
Cup of Tea with 1% Milk

Lunch: Mixture of Olives in Sunflower Oil X14 (I counted!!!!)
Red Leicester

Dinner: Steak with Frites and Bearnaise Sauce (SW Magazine Recipe):
3 Beef Fillet Steaks, 3-4 Potatoes, S&P, Fry Light, Tarragon, Thyme, Chives, Mayonnaise (Extra Light), Fromage Frais, White Wine Vinegar, White Wine, Bay Leaf, Shallots.
Cola Bottles
3 Fruit Wands

Cola Bottles 28G = 5
3 Fruit Wands = 3
Steak Meal = 2.5
Olives = 2
Red Leicester = 5
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Total Syns so far: 101.5!
Eeek No More!

Am doing this for dinner to fill me up and im also off to le gym!
Tikka drumsticks with raita dip
Mix 250g vlf yoghurt with handful of each: mint, toms, red onion, cucumber. Remove skin from chicken drumsticks. Slash chicken a few times and place in bowl. Mix 3tbsp tandoori, 1tsp ground tumeric, 2tsp paprika, 4tbsp white wine vinegar, 10tbsp vlf yoghurt, 3 crushed garlic cloves, and 1cm piece grated ginger. Pour over chicken, toss and chill 6-8 hours or over night. Grill under medium grill for 20-30 mins. Turning oftern until cooked. Free on red 3.5 on green.

HsarahH hope everything goes well for you! Glad you found it motivational- good luck im sure you will do well!

Monday 08th November= Red Work- 6:30-5pm

Breakfast: Weetabix X2 (HEB1) with 1 Banana, and 1% Fat Milk (HEA1)
Cup of Tea with 1% Fat Milk.

Lunch: Muller Light Yogurt with Orange, Apple.
2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB2), 2 Babybel Minis Light (HEA2)

Dinner: Tikka Drumsticks with Raita Dip: Chicken Drumsticks, Tandoori Powder, Cumin, Paprika, Turmeric, White Wine Vinegar, Ginger, Garlic, VLF Nat Yog, Onions, Cucumber, Tomato, Mint
Frozen Pureed Fruit and Grapes!

Syns= 0!!!!!!
Tuesday 09th November 2010- RedWork 1:30-9:00

Breakfast: Ready Brek Original (HEB1) with 1 Tbsp Lyles Golden Syrup.
Cup of Tea with 1% Milk (HEA1).

Lunch/Dinner: Mixed Salad: Anchovies, Crab Claw Meat, Smoked Salmon, Prawns, 7 Olives, 2 Slices Kerry Low Low Mature Cheese Slices (HEA2), Cucumber, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Celery, 4 Leaf Salad from Morrisons, Salad Light, Green Pepper (YUMM!)
Hot & Spicy Pickled Onions
3 Pears, 1 Apple.
2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB2)
Diet Coke with Lime.

Post-Work: Frozen Pureed Fruit, Tea with 1% Milk

Golden Syrup = 1
Anchovies= 0.5
Olives= 1

TOTAL SYNS = 104 :)
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Weigh-In Today!

-1.5 pleeeeeeeeeease!
Am off to Whitby tomorrow for a very naughty Fish Pie from the Magpie!
So would be lovely to have half a stone award!

Will let you know how I do!

Good Luck Everyone!

Well have had a fab weekend feeling great! Have done lots of home cooking such as syn free pizza and cranberry crumbles! Yum!
Will post my diaries tomorrow when I get to work! Healthy Sunday dinner for me today :)
Hope everyone is well!


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