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Ryansmumy's food diary! (newbie here)

Hi all
I've been loosely following SW for about 7 weeks now, but couldn't go to the meetings for the last 6, but am able to go now from Thursday evening.
I'm starting properly today and would love some extra motivation and kicks up the bum lol
This site is great!
I'm following the Extra Easy plan as it is less confusing to me and fits in better with OH and the children.

So far for breakfast I have had
Omelette - 3 eggs, gammon, tomatoes, spring onions and seasoning..yum!
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Wow sounds tasty mmm :p
Well I haven't had anything substantial for lunch.
Just a Morrissons yogurt, eat smart vanilla - free
I'm feeling a little down today, trying to to let it spoil my food plan though.
Hey hun, maybe if you eat something even just a piece of toast it may help you feel better as it will raise your blood sugar levels, I know when I haven't eaten it makes me feel more down than usual!!!

As you like tomatoes have a tomato sliced on toast with salt and pepper as you HEB.

I hope you feel a bit more like yourself soon though. x
Sounds Yum! I haven't had stuffed peppers in ages I used to make them loads for my wee boy as he thought he was really grown up having them. He hates them now lol!!!!

I hope you feel better soon hun, people on here are great at giving advise and helping with problems both with diets and other stuff. I would go mad if I didn't have this! My diary is a moan a minute!!!! x
Feeling ok this morning, very tired though, my baby (19 weeks old) has a bit of a cold still so we haven't had a decent nights sleep all week! he seems to be getting alot better though bless him.

Hmmm not sure what to have for breakfast today, might have another omlette :eek:

I'm having Jacket potato and spaghetti hoops with salad for lunch, and not sure about tea, depends if OH will be having it here or not.

My eldest (aged 5) is going to my Mum's for the night tonight, she usually picks him up or I drive him round there but I'm going to walk instead today, for a bit of excercise, I know it's not much but it's more than I usually do!
I suffer with Sciatica and i'm having a pretty bad flare up, in both legs this week so cant over do it anyway.

Hope anyone reading this has a good day, I'm off to browse the forum and try and find a lasange recipie, oh and bannana bread, so if anyone knows of any, gis a shout please x
Tuesday 25th Aug - Extra easy

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette. (2 eggs, 2 slices of ham, 2 spring onions, half a tomato, salt and pepper)
1x Morrisons eat smart vanilla yogurt.

Lunch: Jacket Tattie, 1/2 can of spaghetti hoops (6 syns) chopped spring onion and cheese (HE)

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Hey Ryansmummy, I'm glad you are feeling better today, its not easy keeping going with 2 kids disturbed sleep and sciatica to boot. Thankfully I have never suffered with it but I can completely understand sleepless nights, I have a 6 year old boy and a 22 month old girl. I found it tough after she was born to keep going although thank goodness she was sleeping through from 8 weeks so I didn't have it too bad!

Your omlette sounds delish, I often make scrambled egg with ham, spring onion and tomato and love it so very similar to what you have!

I'm having a really busy day today but hopefully everything will go to plan as we are heading over to Yorkshire for my brothers wedding on Friday and have decided for a change to take the ferry. Unfortunately this means getting up at midnight - i'm trying to squeeze in a few hours sleep, and leaving Belfast at 3.20 am. We get to Scotland at 6.10 and then have a 5 hour drive to Harrogate. We are staying my with OH Nana as it is only 45mins from my brother so really handy. I'm so nervous, excited and dubious about the whole trip so hopefully it will go well, even with a drastic lack of sleep!!!

I have a lovely recipe for banana bread however not SW friendly so if you find one can you let me know as I love it!! x
My first son didnt sleep through until 18 months!
Ryan wakes up once at the moment, this was at 5am though, but since he been ill, it's more like 3am!
Oh well, it will come one day.

Gosh you have a long trip ahead of you, we were meant to be going to Edinburgh to see OH's family, but some of them are coming down here now before they go on a cruise so we are going in October half term now.

His Nanna and Grandad are actually the main reason I started SW, they have lost 5.5 stone between them since Feb on SW!

As soon as I find a recipie I'll let you know x
Tuesday 25th Aug - Extra easy

Breakfast: 2 egg omelette. (2 eggs, 2 slices of ham, 2 spring onions, half a tomato, salt and pepper)
1x Morrisons eat smart vanilla yogurt.

Lunch: Jacket Tattie, 1/2 can of spaghetti hoops (6 syns) chopped spring onion and cheese (HE)

Dinner: SW chips, dry fried egg, 1/2 can spaghetti hoops (6 syns)
Just reading your diary, sounds yummy but I think spaghetti hoops are free on extra easy and green. Are you using your healthy extras too?
See i thought they were but when i used the syn calculator they said 6 syns for half a can, yes I used cheese yesterdy for a healthy extra, although I need to incorporate them more.
Just been on line to SW and I think all tinned spaghetti in tomato sauce is free. What brand did you have? It would be great for you to have spare syns. Also what about you heb choice?
Wednesday 26th Aug

Breakfast: Morrissons 'eat smart' vanilla yogurt

Lunch: Morrissons 'eat smart' chicken in peppercorn sauce with poatoes (7 1/2 syns) 1 TBSP extra light mayo (1/2 syn)

Tea: Gammon steak, new potatoes, peas, dry fried egg, 1tsp clover (1 1/2 syns)
Morrissons 'eat smart' vanilla yogurt

Total syns: 9 1/2
Thursday 27th August

Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, 2 slices wholemeal bread (HEXb) 2tsp clover (3 syns)

Lunch: Jacket potato, spaghetti hoops, spring onions, grated cheese (HEXa).

Tea: Salmon, rice, vegetable bake (6 syns) 1TBSP extra light mayo (1/2 syn)

Morrissons 'eat smart' vanilla yogurt.

Total syns: 9 1/2

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