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Green Days S & SS meaning


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I have just started, had my first day yesterday and well... it's different for a diet!

With S and SS foods, food optimization - is it supposed to boost weight loss or to keep you fuller?

I understand F, FF and C, CC but S and SS is a bit of a confusing one, for instance bananas aren't S or SS but on the free foods, but blackberries are S and SS - so what does this mean?

Sorry if it's a dim question!
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S, SS are for speed and superspeed. These foods are extra low in calories and extra filling, so will make you lose weight a bit faster. Bananas are quite high in calories, but they are nutritious and filling in relation to the calories they contain, so they are a free food.
Blackberries are pretty low in calories. I think for 140g its about 60 calories. Thats less calories than a small banana buy will keep you just as full. By reducing overall calorie intake is how we lose weight.

I hope I explained that properly and didnt end up confusing you!


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Thanks for the clarification, still not quite getting this - it's too good to be true (even in reasonable amounts!).


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It is to good but is def true I follow 100% to plan for I think it's 5 weeks and lost over a stone so far.
What you have to think is yes there's food you can eat until full but it's virtually fat free, processed food is out, processed sugar is just about out, flour and sauces, gravey etc is out and the little bit of naughty stuff you can use for syns is massively moderated where you can choose between the things instead of having it all the gravy on your dinner the pudding after the take away with rice, bread, sides etc
This is why is works :)