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Saggy belly curtains

Ive got that horrible ring of fat around my stomach, never had it before- until i got pregnant.

I never want to be a bikini babe but its just hanging there. Luckily its not too bad but it its there never the less- hanging like a ornamental shelf:( or "my curtain" as i like to fondly call it.:badmood:

Does anyone else have this?
And how do you over come it.

Ruthy xxx
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Yep I have it too :( Unfortunately the dr reckons I won't ever be able to get rid of it as such because the 2 Cesarean sections I have had have damaged the nerve and muscle endings :(


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I've got it, a massive over hang but I doubt I'll get rid of it unless I go the surgery route which i may very well do!! I've had 2 ceasarians as well but i'm hoping it will at least go down and I might be able to live with it when I get to goal weight.


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Yep me too, four pregnancies and much naughty food has taken its toll. I hope it will at least shrink some seeming though I still have 5 and a half stone to lose.
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I've read a lot of stuff about this as I too, have this unsightly overhang due to being overweight but also after a C section.

What I've discovered during my research is........

  • It wont really ever go away.
  • You can help by drinking plenty water as you slim.
  • As you slim you can help by regular (i.e. daily) toning excersise.
  • Surgery is probably the only route if you want it to dissapear all together and have a flat tum again.
I too still have a few stone to lose and I'm hoping that I can at least prevent it from being too unsightly when I get to target. I suspect thought that I may have to opt for the surgery route.

Hope this helps :)


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I think that my belly has got flabbier but I still got a few stone to go so I will see where it's at then. Unlike you guys though I have not had children.

having a ceasarean will have cut through the muscle therefore no amount of exercise will be of benefit but it should reduce in size proportionately as you lose weight. Pregnancy alone will stretch the skin and make it saggy and some of the elasticity will be lost forever.

Best thing to do is to wait til you are at target and see how it looks then. I am considering the possibility of having to go down the surgery route too although I don't like that idea


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A friend of mine is in the same situation, she has a good dr though and has been told if she stays at her target weight for 1 year she can have the excess skin removed from her arms, thighs and tummy free on the NHS :) I'd hate to think how much it would be if it was private :(
I dont mind if it goes smaller, as long as i can tuck it in my knickers hahahahahaaaaaahahaha

Ruthy xxx


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Wear a basque...makes you look and feel fab!


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I've got this as well :(

Unlike most of you that have posted I have not had children - mine is purely the result of to much food :eek:

I've still got a good 3-4 stone to lose and I am planning to see see what it looks like 12 months after I reach my target weight. I know one thing though, I'm definitely having surgery if it's any more than very very slightly saggy - I won't have lost all that weight to get to the end and STILL not be happy. I'm planning on an arm uplift definitely, probably a tummy tuck and removal of excess skin from thighs. I'm hoping my Dr will refer me so I can have it done on the NHS but if not then I will pay for it myself :D


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Although I have said I am considering it as an option, I have seen the results of a tummy tuck that my friend had. It didn't all go quite so smoothly and now the scar she is left with is worse than the extra little bit of skin she had. There are 2 ways to look at it I guess. Do I want it just to look like I have a flat belly in clothes or do I want it to look good naked? If it's to look good in clothes I wouldn't bother as a basque, as Annie_d suggests, would be a more favourable option. If it's to look good naked I would have to consider the possibility of an ugly scar versus saggy skin very very carefully. If I decide to do it I would probably save up to go private as the hospitals tend to be cleaner and safer
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Mine is just fat, I have never had kids. No matter how much I lose I still have a belly, the trainer said I have to cut down on stress and carbs to get rid of it! EEK! along with diet and exercise of course :)
Well im not bothered how i look naked, i am who i am at the end of the day, BUT! i want it to be flat enough that its not noticable when im wearing clothes.

I work in theatre and ive heard horror stories about tummy tucks or apronectomies as they are commonly know in the NHS.

Id rather live with mine. stuff it!
Ruthy xxxx
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Amen to that Ruthy, I have heard really scary stuff as well, and will just wear my magic knickers (or the sausage as it is known)! LOL
Ive got ones that start at me boobs and finish at my ankles pmsl.

Not quite that bad but i have got ones that start from my boobs to my thighs.

I loves em...not good though when your drunk needing a wee and it wont move a inch down your thighs!

Ruthy xxx
Another thing i hate about myself is those wings just under your back like love handles yuk.
I cant wear a tightish top because they show through, i have a couple of backless tops....they are not totally backless but they go into a teardrop and im always concious that they may be seen when i go out.
How do i get rid of these quick !
Ruthy xxx


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I've no idea, I have them too. In fact I have all kind of flabby bits everywhere!

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