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Red Days Salads for a red day please!!

I LUURRRVVEE chicken and bacon salad with a little cheese (HExA) sprinkled on top.


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I've just had one for lunch, and it was pretty good.

Mixed leaves and baby spinach, and I add chopped spring onions with some grilled chicken. For dressing I use fat free vinaigrette or french dressing and balsamic vinegar.

I usualy add a few olives (1 syn for 8) for taste.


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I'm not surprised it was dull!!

How about radish, pepper, onion, grated carrot, beetroot, apple and then some red food?

Prawns, seafood sticks, chicken, bacon, ham, tinned tuna or salmon need to be added.

Salads are fab - but lettuce tomato and cucumber isn't a salad in my book!!
i always have "rainbow" salad, until someone pointed out to me that it cant be rainbow salad because it doesnt have anything blue in it.... boo hiss to them spoiling my fun!
cherry toms, grated carrot, sweetcorn, yellow pepper, lettuce, cucumber and beetroot + any red topping you like :D tuna, chicken, prawns, seafood sticks, or have cheese and use a HEA :)
the possibilities are endless :p xx
Thanks for all your advise!!! Yes I agree that lettuce, cue and tom is NOT a salad. Will try harder to make it more interesting from now on!!!

ooooo, forget I can use my cheese allowance as well... yummy!


needs to focus!!!!
i've just finished a salad just now, had lettuce, cucumber, baby tomatoes, a pepper chopped up, spring onion chopped up, ham, a couple of boiled eggs and beetroot. xx
Try adding some fresh fig into one of these wonderful choices - tastes so exotic!
Salad is my absolute favourite food, but you have to have some goodies with it! x
Discovery Foods Mexican Fajita Seasoning Mix, dried 30g sachet[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

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try chicken cooked in this mix, cold in a salad or pitta its lovely.

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