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Sal's diary

S: 17st8lb C: 16st0lb Loss: 1st8lb(8.94%)
Onto my third week of SW, lost 4 pound first week, STS the second, probably due to my * week and getting confused with EE. So thought I would do this diary so I can keep track of my thoughts and eating habits.

A bit about me, I last did SW about a year and a half ago and lost about three stone, then my mum passed away and I fell (or crashed) off the diet, then my dad passed away in April and to be honest I just couldnt be arsed. Then me and other half decided to book a date for our wedding 14.07.2012, and I am determined to be slimmish for that day so my mum (who was always nagging me to loose weight for my health) can look down and think I look fabulous and to show her I can do it, as she did when she was in her fourties. She did WW, and kept her weight off from then on.

This time Im determind! so much so I am even considering joining a gym eek, I will give it another couple of weeks and then go and enquire.:eek:

Been busy cooking today, so far I have done, super speed soup - very tasty (but could do with a hunk of lovely crusty bread) and filling yum so thats a couple of work lunches sorted out and rest to go in freezer.

Butternut squash and cumin soup, smells lovely, will blitz it when its cooled down a bit and thats a couple of teas sorted out this week for me and the other half. Pasta pie (one with crosse and blackwell pasta in sauce) which smells divine and was making me hungry till I ate the super speed soup. I also attempted the jelly sweets but I used a star shaped silicone ice cube mould and the little devils wouldnt come out so I ended up with a jelly mess grr.
I have also done some cooked chickpeas baked in the oven with some cajun spice mix, they are lovely but they could become addictive thinking I best keep these for snacking when I got to cinema hmmm.

So what have I had to eat today, Im doing extra easy.

Breakfast: 6 wholemeal crackbread
3 LCEL cheese triangles
Chicken bovril
Lunch: Super speed soup and six spicy chickpeas
Dinner: off out to a carvery with my other halfs rellies, so probably meat, veggies, new pots and syn my gravy and yorkshire.

Syns: LCEL = 4
Yorkshire and gravy = not sure will fill in later.

Weigh in is on Tuesday so fingers crossed I've lost something, I have taken the battery out of our scales so Im not tempted to have a sneeky peak. At weigh in this week we have one of our members who won SW woman of the year, Harriet, she has lost over 15 stone and looks amazing. So it can be done, as long as I get my lazy arse motivated and think before I shove it in my mouth.
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S: 17st8lb C: 16st0lb Loss: 1st8lb(8.94%)
It was weigh in on Tuesday and I was really pleased with my 2 1/2 pounds loss, that speed soup seems to be doing the trick.

However, this week is a bit of a nightmare, I went out to dinner with friends on Tuesday night (after class) and was ok, had steak, salad and a jacket potato, but then had raspberry white chocolate cheesecake. Why cant I resist the puds Im not normally a sweet lover but I couldnt help myself.

This weekend me and my other half have booked into the Devere in Southampton, we won an overnight stay, dinner and wine at a wedding fair we were at recently. I will try my best to have good choices, but relistically I have to do damage limitation. So Im trying my best to eat free foods (and flipping speed soup) so it doesnt have too much impact.

Next Friday Im off to the gym for an induction, which will be a shock to the system, I havent done any exercise in 20 years, gave up smoking nearly 3 years ago, so Im dreading how unfit I really am. But no pain no gain and I will do this.

Im feeling positive and want to be healthy so fingers crossed my next few days go well.


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S: 17st8lb C: 16st0lb Loss: 1st8lb(8.94%)
Been ages since I put my thoughts up here. I cant seem to update my weight ticker, but I know where abouts I am so thats fine.

I havent been to class over the Christmas period due to being away and family stuff. The week before Christmas I put on a pound, which we all reckon is down to me joining the gym, I have been going since about the 8th December, I am really enjoying it. I cant believe it, but I think its a case of its a gym where normal people go. Not the oooh look at me Im so gorgeous and lovely, I do a full work out with not a hair out of place and not a patch of sweat anywhere. Its a council and charity supported one and its great. I think its the reason I maintained last week, as I had been going a bit crazy with the sinage!!

So this week I have tried the syn free rice pudding, its brilliant, I have been having it for breakfast with blueberries or other fruits. As I havent been at work I have been to the gym everyday, its making me feel more energetic, which is good. Im having a day off today as the house work needed doing grrr. Got a few bargains in the sales, some gym gear, some nice undies, perfume sets, slippers etc.

So back to work on Monday grrr, gym at quarter past six ish, work out till 7.15, shower, slap on and off to work. Weigh in on Tuesday night, fingers crossed.

Went and paid off another £100 off my wedding dress, hopefully I will be a few sizes smaller when I need to wear it.

Feeling positive, am fighting the temptation to eat chocolate, as its star week and all I want to do is eat. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.

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