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Same dress size for 20years

Afternoon all...Im just sat here with my soup reading some of your inspirational stories...Im 38 and I have been a dress size 28 for 20 years, most of my adult life...Ive been doing a lot of reflecting this week since I started on lipotrim and I realise that my diet for the past two decades has been around 80% carbohydrate and I guess thats why my weight has rarely gone up or down... I am TRULY looking forward to wearing clothes that are smaller and not from evans. Im just short of 6ft tall and cannot wait for people to see me rather that the size of me.........I truly do not know what it feels like to wear normal sized clothes (whatever normal is) but hope you know what I mean... Im also looking forward to shrinking my bum so I can have my painful ovarian cyst out and then be able to fit in to aeroplane seats and fly off and see some of the world... just wanted to throw my thoughts out into the etha.....hope your all having a good day... its my first weigh in tomorrow... :clap:
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Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Good on you Daisee :) fingers xrossed for weigh in! Xxx

Thornhill Cate

50+ and fabulous
Daisee, all the best. It can be hardcore but I feel like I've been given a magic key and intend to make the most of it to sort out my weight problem once and for all.
Cate.....I agree its the most hardcore radical thing I have ever done but i know what you mean about a magic key... I never knew how much carbs were the enemy....your doing so well x
Can't wait to see what you've lost Daisee, good luck for tomorrow
Lots of luck to you Daisee :)x
im sat here readin ure posts n thinkin how well ure all doin 4 stayin on TFR 4 so many weeks im only on day 2 n cant stop thinkin bout eatin.how have u managed 2 stick 2 it 4 so long?? tips pls guys??:eek:
Daisee, well done on sticking at it, 1st week is awful and you have survived! I know what you mean about buying clothes from Evans its depressing! Wishing all the luck in the world x
im sat here readin ure posts n thinkin how well ure all doin 4 stayin on TFR 4 so many weeks im only on day 2 n cant stop thinkin bout eatin.how have u managed 2 stick 2 it 4 so long?? tips pls guys??:eek:
I think that we've all decided that enough is enough and our desire to lose weight is now stronger than our desire to eat. After week one it does get easier, and after week three it becomes almost automatic and you stop thinking about food - well I think we all have our moments. Remember, it's not forever and all your favourite foods will still be here when you've completed LT. So many times I've started a diet, lost a stone/1.5stone and then fall off the wagon and, before I know it, I'm back at square one. Then I look back and realise how quickly that time has gone and start beating myself up about how much slimmer I'd be if I had stuck at the diet. I know that at the moment, looking forward one month, two months, three months etc seems like such long time and a mountain to climb but I promise you, keep going you'll be looking back and wondering where the time went. I'm on week six now and am coasting, most of the time, and am confident that I can now keep this up for as long as I need to. I know it's easier said than done Leelee but we do have control over our thoughts so just tell yourself to stop thinking about food and do something to take you mind of it. It's in your hands. Decide what's more important to you, which you already have otherwise you would never have started this, and then keep on behaving in a way that supports that decision instead of sabotaging it. Good luck.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Daisee, well done on taking such a momentous decision. Believe me, it is the best present you will ever give yourself.
There will be tough days ahead but the good days will far outweigh them.
Take it a day at a time and soon the weeks will fly by.
Use your time on TFR to reflect on food and your attitudes to it. I believe if we don't do this then we will just go back to old habits.
Be prepared for feeling fab, wonderful comments and shopping where you please.
Good luck.


Never Ever Give Up!
Good luck Daisee, you will have dropped a dress size before you know it! :D x
Good luck Daisee, I'm on week 2 and it's getting easier. Keep strong. It's great to have so much support from the others. I love reading the posts from the guys ahead of me on the journey. Keep going.
Good luck Daisee, that is so sad to think that you've spent your entire adult life locked in a prison of fat.......at least now you've found the key!

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