Sam's ww food diary!


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Hi Everyone,

I'm Sam, a 27 woman from London who is finally ready to lose that weight!

After all manner of diet plans I now realise that faddy eating doesn't work and that I need to monitor my food intake and take responsibility for what I put in my mouth. So points plan it is...

Here's what I ate today

50g oats with skimmed milk 3
large apple 1
1/2 medium jacket pot 1.5
Beans 2.5
A twirl choc bar 5
0 point soup 0
Lean pork chop 5
tblsp apple sauce 0.5
1 pear 1
1 fat free shape yoghurt 1
tsp cocoa powder 0.5
milk in tea and coffee 1
bite of choc brownie 1

total 24

My points allowance is 21, so a bit over today, will cut back tomorrow. Realising that spending 5 points on a chocolate bar is probably not a good was nice though! Blimey, didn't realise a pork chop was 5 points either-wont be having that again in a hurry.
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Hey, WW to weight watchers. I shall keep popping back to see how you are getting on. Good luck