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sarah1984's diary

So... Here goes...

I've been reading round minimins for motivation for a long time and thought I had better join and hope you can all keep me going where I've failed in the past! So here's the story... [Tell me to shut up cos I tend to waffle!]

Moved home - July 2007 - 17st 8lbs :eek::eek::eek:
Started Cambridge Diet - June 2008 - 16st 6lbs :eek:
Finished Cambridge Diet - December 2008 - 13st 6lbs :)

I've been losing and gaining the same 2st between 11st 9lbs and 13st something for the last year since I came off Cambridge until...

Started Weight Watchers - November 2009 - 13st 11lbs

Week 1 - 13st 6lbs [-5lbs]
Week 2 - 13st 4lbs [-2lbs]

I'm currently on my 3rd week and finding it pretty easy going. I think that's just cos I'm so used to the rigidity of Cambridge though! I'm on 21 points at the moment and dreading/ looking forward to that next 4lbs going so that I can drop another point. The first 2 weeks I was saving points for the weekend and not always using them but this week I'm working at the weekend so I'm trying to eat my full 21. Succeeded both days so far this week and hoping it'll show in my weight loss on Monday! [EVERYTHING CROSSED!!!]

Anyway... Hope everyone is good and doing well...
I'll be here to hopefully support you all as much as you can me :rolleyes:

Have a good day all!

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Hi Sarah,

Welcome to MiniMins!

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Well done on doing three weeks on WW you seem to be getting on great with it! Fingers crossed for weigh in on Monday!

Love Mini xxx


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Wow you've done an incredible job on Cambridge!! I could imagine WW and all of the 'freedom' has taken a bit of getting used to! Well done on the 7lb loss so far! :D
It does seem like freedom, trust me! I even manage to have ice cream with my boyfriend at weekends and not feel guilty! :rolleyes:
Great weight loss so far!! Thats the beauty of ww...you can really have any food you like on the diet.

So glad your finding it so easy too and all my fingers are crossed for ya on Monday :)
Thanks Vicky! WW is definately alot more achievable long term though I'll never deny it was Cambridge that got me this far...
wow, you've have done so well so far. Welcome to ww, you should see some good steady results, and hopefully will say goodbye to thet up-and-down 2 stone for good. xx
Thanks TRISTAR, I really hope so... I'm kind of sick of those 2st! I was reading your diary just earlier...
Sorry this is slightly off topic but i have always wondered about the cambridge diet. Do you attend meeting ect but they provide your meals???

I didnt want to be rude and just ask some people on the cambridge forum when they wouldnt know who i was kinda thing.



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Well done on your weight loss so far, you've done so well! And good luck for your WI on Monday! x
Hi Vicky. You attend meetings once a week as with most diets and pay [stupid] amounts of money for them to provide you with powder replacement shakes, soups and porridge to last you the week. It's the same idea as Lighter Life but costs about half the amount. I think it is luck of the draw with counsellers because some just weigh you and send you on your way and with others there are very involved "talking" sessions. It worked for me as a kick up the bum and took food completely out of the equation but if I try to go back to it now I find it really hard work so I'm not sure how I lasted so long...

WW is definately the way forward for me!

Lozbo - Thanks for your comment and wishes for Monday, I've got everything crossed!
Hey, CD is amazing but WW is alot easier long term! It's obviously worked for you...
welcome to the boards Sarah, well done on your losses with CD and WW so far - good luck with the next stretch :D xxx


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Good luck sweetie - u can do it xx
Thanks for all the messages girls :eek:

Had Wagamama's noodles after work at 3pm today, as I'd forgotten I promised to go with one of the other girls... Had ginger chicken noodles which I found on the WW website in an article on eating out at 9.5 points. But then had chicken dumplings which I shared with the other girl. And from what I found online the 2 dumplings I had work out to nearly as much as the damn noodles! :jelous:

Ah well, it's put me 4 points over for the day but I'm going to try to pull them back tomorrow, or over the weekend at least!
Totally worth it though :D
Was pretty good, I love it! :D A bit toooooo much...
aww totally jealous, Wagas is lush! i wouldnt worry too much about the points - as long as you enjoyed yourself :) xx
Yeah, definately did! :D Considering I had completely forgotten about it, so much so that I had packed my lunch for work and everything! Though I saved that and have just nibbled it now...

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