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Sarah's Weight Loss Diary!

I have had so many failed attempts at dieting so i'm hoping that some online support and a place to write down my feelings and progress will help, along with my food diary. Firstly I think I need to write down the reasons why I want to lose the weight.

1) I'm 5ft 7 and weigh just over 12 stone which makes me overweight, so for my health I need to lose some.

2) I have put on nearly a stone since getting together with my boyfriend a year ago and, although he is very loyal and still calls me gorgeous, I want to be prettier for him.

3) I hardly ever go out with friends because i'm afraid people will take my photo which I hate, so it's really having a negative impact on my social life.

4) On one of the few photos of me that is on facebook, which my 'friend' refuses to take down, there is a long conversation between some ex-friends about how rubbish I look.

5) I'm 18 so I want to be able to wear young persons clothes like skirts and dresses rather than hiding my arms and legs always.

6) I want to get fitter so I can do the race for life next year in memory of my grandparents.

Day 1 today, wish me luck!
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Good luck Sarah! You seem to be pretty straight thinking about your reasons for wanting to lose weight, if you hit a hurdle you can re read your first post for motivational "reinforcement".
Oh, with friends like that... You'll have to post some pictures when you are looking your best. (Here, so we can give you a gigantic clap, and on Facebook to promote further discussion) My ex mother in law had this hideous "fat photo" of me framed, and set in a prominant position in their house. It was years ago, but I remember I was wearing a grey shirt, and the buttons were "straining", ugh!
Good luck Sarah!! What diet are you going to folow
It's really not fair to hit a big challenge on the first day =( My sister is being a real cow, i'm sitting there trying to revise and I can hear her slagging me off, saying I shouldn't be entitled to extra time and that I shouldn't be allowed to retake exams, that I never make an effort and various other things I didn't quite catch. It's so upsetting I just ran in the room to confront her but burst into tears in front of my entire family and run upstairs. Just want to cuddle up in bed with a bar of chocolate but I have to keep revising and stick to my dinner of tomato soup. I really don't understand why she hates me so much, I think the only way I can win is to not give in to comfort eating and lose the weight so i'm thinner and prettier than her, ha!
Right, calmed down now! Glad I didn't give in and eat junk :) The soup for dinner was absolutely disgusting so after one spoonful I switched to salad.

So breakfast was: granola oats with semi-skimmed milk
lunch: light choices prawn and garlic linguine
dinner: lots of lovely green salad with low fat/calorie dressing
snack: 100ml of innocent smoothie

That only takes me up to about 800 calories, and I burnt off 100 on the wii fit, should I eat some more? I'm not paticularly hungry.
Hey, just a wee tip, get some protein in your dinner, add some chicken, tuna or boiled eggs with your salad, it really helps to maintain muscle when you are losing the weight so you know you are losing fat and not muscle! lol it that makes sense??? lol Kirsty xx
Fruit!! lol xx
What the heck is that? lol xx
Sounds good! :)


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sounds weird lol! x
no they really are nice, try some! or get the goji berry innocent smoothie, it's 51 calories per 100ml but it's made purely of fruit with no additional ingredients and it's so tasty and refreshing :)


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i like the kiwi one!


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Heya, just had a quick read through everything so far.
Well done for not comfort eating, that's one of the hardest things to overcome I think.
goji berries? Sound interesting...lol, where'd you buy em?
Best wishes.
oooh i love those innocent smoothies, expensive but oh so good! welcome to the site and good luck with your weightloss, im pretty new to this too, only in my 3rd week but alls going well so far and im already feeling loads better about myself. im sure you can do it, just stay positive :) x
Good Luck

Hi Pocohontas, I feel like I'm in the same boat as you. I am 5'7" and just over 12 stone, when I used to be just over 9 stone. My first day at the gym was yesterday. I have decided to record my progress in a blog. You can read it if you like A New Me Good luck!
Thanks guys =)
Pink, i get goji berries in little bags at tescos, they are so worth a try.
I've been pretty good so far today, low fat yoghurt for breakfast and a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich for lunch (it had mayo in it but was brown bread so hopefully that's okay!)

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