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Hiya girls, ive had a trying last 6 weeks and have been in diet limbo. Have not been able to stick to any diets. Tried slimming world last week and found it so boring as i was so limited to what I could eat. I got on the scales this morning and they were still at 15.10 and I decided to get back into the game before they get any higher.
As some of you remember I was on cambridge but had to come off it due to finances, and I started to learn to drive and have done 3 lessons woop woop! All going well but have not got any more now till after new year as its way too hard finding someone to look after the kids while i nip off.

Anyway, today on my restart is going fine - even tried something i hadnt tried before, a fried egg done in fry light - it was so tasty, much nicer then if it was done in fat! and sandwiched it between 2 bits of toasted wholemeal bread with some mushrooms and the whole thing was 4 points, not bad for lunch! was lush. Just got to decide what i can have for tea now.

Overall though when i started my journey I was 18.2 so to be at 15.10 is so great, but poop as i was so close to the 14s. Am going to be there within the month!!!
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nearly there!! :)
lol thanks hunni, im dead proud of myself and wi at 9st 12lb this morning!! woohoo lol!!
how u doing?
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Hey Hun
Lovely to have you here with us,me and you are in the same boat hun,we have tried ever diet in the book! So here we go to the new me and you :)
Hiya girls, just had a small morning out. Had nothing to eat yet so think il grab something in a bit, if i wash the pans up i can have eggs and bacon yum!

Town was manic, i went down there to grab some birthday presents. Dont know how people are still christmas shopping! i couldnt do it with my kids - stephen got too wound up by all the people!


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Thanks for the 'Hi' message on my diary!
Hope you manage to enjoy your egg and bacon! xxx
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You can do it! We know you can. Goodluck hun x


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:) your egg and mushroom thing sounds lush!! may wash a pan myself to take part in the goodness! lol
It was seriously nice jen! very filling, just had a lovely brunch though and man it was nice! think il have some lovely porridge tonight though, 2 packs so that will be 7 points and they are filling. Will have one for main meal and then have another if i get the munchies as i tend too in the evening - i swear its boredom though!
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i know where you're at with the boredom eating - its really kicking in big style with all the xmas goodies about as well!! :( do you just have your porridge plain or do you add things to it? xxx
I get the oats to simple sachets, they do all flavours. Though my fav is the golden syrup one - 3.5 points with green milk. Yummy!!!

Am allowing myself some tonight to helo me with my munchies.

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