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~~Saturday, Hour by Hour~~


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Good morning guys. I don't think we have one of these already so i thought i'd set it going.

had a great night last night. it did turn towards an 810 night rather than an ss+ night but i stuck to low carbs and low fats so i should be ok :) if i'm out of ketosis, i forgot to check this morning, then i'll be back in by the morrow i would imagine. 2lbs heavier this morning however. i didn't even eat that much food so it must be water, so lots of glugging today to rectify the situation. had a lovely night sitting and chatting. did the usual. went to bed late and woke up early. i don't think i'm ever destined to get some proper sleep!!

how are you all doing this morning?

abz xx
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i know the feeling about not sleeping i too went to bed late and got up early but on the plus side mre time to drink more water lol
hope we all have a good weekend come on we can do this
going shopping at Primark in Oxford st today to get some new cheap clothes to wear and guess what i can twait i normally hate cloths shopping but not today i cant wait


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ha. have fun honey. i may purchase a top from matalan. i bought some colourful ones a while back but they are all too big. so all the ones that kind of fit me now are black and i'm sick of being so monochrome!! so colours here i come :D

Matalan have some lovely colourful jumper at the mo they are 2 for £10 i got 2 yesterday.

Im going out tonight for bonfire, fireworks , bbq and disco, so i will probably freeze.lol.

enjoy your shopping trips girls.xx


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Morning folks,

Half a litre down and just about to have a hot choc shake with some coffee in..mmm mocha here I come :)

Have a fab one, can't believe it's blinking November!!!

Sarah x

Morning ladies

Had a good day yesterday so well on the way already to a pink stick :) got 1st porridge,tea and water sitting in front of me as i type lol!


I know I can do it..
Morning all..

I'm going to spend a few hours playing ball with my two dogs, Asbo and Dave so hopefully they'll throw the ball for me to go and get it for a change.. god knows I need the exercise more than them! lol

Roll on the time i'll be able to shop in primark and Matalan... I'm such a horrible shape, just like a hippo! Big lower belly and a long upper body, so I can't get many tops long enough. If I find one that suits... then I buy loads of the same! Roll on when that day changes :) hehe

Almost a litre down and shaking my strawberry shake as I type this :)
Im here but not altogether here if you know what I mean. My cold has got worse by far and spent the night trying to breath through a sore throat and a very blocked nose. I am absolutely and totally fed up!! Why did I have to go and get a bloomin cold. I feel lousy. My daughter is on her way round with more cold and flu remedies. In the last two days I have had one shake and no water but loads of tea and lemsips. Like I said, i'm not that bothered if I come out of ketosis because I just dont feel well enough at the moment to worry about it. I havent had a cold this bad in years. Like somebody else posted somewhere, i think i have got MAN FLU lol.
I am not able to go to my mum and dads to look after them incase I give it to them and they are too frail to take the risk.
OMG I am such a moaner and complainer at the moment.
Sorry girls. xxx
I went to the the halloween party but only stayed about 2 hours then had to come home coz my head was pounding. OH WELL, I tried!!
Sorry girls xxxx keep up the good work xxxx
Lynne x
Thanks susan xx
Does anybody know how long it is before flu or cold germs go away so that I can go to my mum and dads. When do I stop being 'catching'?
Lynne x
Thanks Tracey xxx
Hugs help !
Flu lasts between 3-5days if you have it longer you should really see your doctor.xx
hey Lynne, you sound in a bad way and so miserable. Please eat something if you are not having all your packs as fighting a cold on so few nutrients is going to be very tough and it will last longer. Do you have a temperature, then it is flu. What is it they used to say: Feed a cold, starve a flu? Is there any truth in that??
Hi Abz, glad you had a good night out. What would we do without 810??LOL

Drank 4 litres again yesterday, but not sure I will be as good over the weekend as I am out a lot but will do the minimum no matter what. Had porridge and coffee. Was going to go and try on some 16s and, dare I say it, some 14's to see if I can get into them, but I think I will wait a couple more weeks when I will have more chance. Don't really want to buy clothes in a 16. Would rather wait.

Have a good day everyone.

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