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Saturday Night

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
Hi Ddp, I know that cupboard or fridge is very beckoning but hold on - refuse to be attacked by a biscuit or whatever!! lol
I spend most of my time on my own so I know only too well the temptations. But it does make it harder when others are out enjoying themselves and your stuck in on your own.
I actually make an Allbran cake which is mostly dried fruit and the bran with a little flour and have recently cut two thirds of the sugar from the recipe. It's really nice and fills a gap although it doesn't do to eat too much of it as I will then spend a rather long time in the little room the next day!:giggle:
Being on my own has another advantage that I don't have to have stuff in the cupboards that would be very yummy and tempting.
Keep your chin up, they will all be home soon and then you might be wishing for a bit of peace and quiet.:D

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
Thanks Emmaline,

Basically I've decided that I'm going to go to bed. I normally would be a little more flexible with my points (I've eaten the 16 that I'm allowing myself to eat today - my allowance is 20) but DH and I are going out tomorrow night (dinner and a movie) and I want to make sure that that doesn't sabotage my weigh in on Wednesday.

The cake sounds interesting but knowing my luck even a small amount of it would leave me visiting the library more often than usual. :giggle:

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