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saturdays daily thread


please try again
cant see the daily so ill get us started

hope everyones having a good day today

well im hoping for a 100% day today so im gonna be in the house all day long keeping away from temptation

had to cancel going to a friends childs birthday party, was looking forwrd to it but im dirt broke, cant afford the petrol there or a prezzie, luckily kaya doesnt have the level of understanding to know whats going on

whats everyone else up to today?
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Can hug her knees :)
Morning Claire
I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to make the party, it's horrid when your having a really tight week and it stops you from doing stuff :(
well after my exausting week and trying to save pennies we decided to have a pj and DVD day, on to our second movie so far and the boys have eaten far too many goodies I have however managed to resist and relax si I'm happy
hope everyone else has a fab Saturday xx


please try again
lol weve got movies on here too, thou weve managed to watch madagascar twice now due to madams obsession grrrr, lol

well done on avoiding the treats


Can hug her knees :)
madagascar 2 is brilliant we had tha on repeat for a whole day here when we first got it :) only seen the first one once


please try again
lol we saw the second one twice at the cinema, shes now letting me alternate between the first and the second one. do you think she will notice if i put kungfu panda on next? lol

where are all the daily threaders?


Can hug her knees :)
Ha ha ha she might :) we have nightmare before Christmas now, really want the polar express but it might be a little early for that one lol
I don't know very quiet today hmmmm xx
Hello summayah and misspinkcat

Hope you are both well today.

I had my weigh-in this morning and have lost 5lb over two weeks. Yep, I probably wanted to lose 6, and I suppose if I had lost 6 I would want 7 - so I am now very pleased that the weight is coming off at its own pace.
Have been to a major shopping centre in Essex, Lakeside - I don't think I have been there this year now that we have Westfield in west London. It doesn't sound good to report that a self-confessed shopaholic has spent the day at Lakeside, but I haven't been dreadful - also had a make-over in Debenhams and the cosmetics still look good on me several hours later, plus I was kindly given a few perfume samples. Main purchase was a half-price handbag.
Now wrapped up in slanket watching X Factor, heating on but only starting to warm up. Dreading the winter!
Best wishes x


please try again
evening bling, congratulations on the weigh in result hunny, you did good!
lol you and your shopping, glad to hear you were restrained with your purchases hun

well todays been a better day water wise for me, 4 litres down so far and ive still a pack to go

hes sulking in bed because i didnt allow him to take over my computer, he knows after 7pm its all mine
so hes gone to bed with nothing to eat so its definatly the full on humpty dumpty
Good evening ladies.

Thought I'd pop in and say hello. A little bit nervous about WI tomorrow morning as I've had tonsillitis (again.... grrrr) and have indulged in the odd bowl of ice cream, Strepsils and afraid to say a slice of h2bs pizza on Thursday when I was feeling down and rough. Scales have stayed the same all week and I'm mad at myself for letting my guard down. Just need a big kick up the ass and to get fully back on track from now on!

Well done on the WI Bling, thats a fab loss!
Thanks for encouraging words on my weight loss!

Just finished watching X Factor, Stacey Solomons is a local girl - already there are posters up in shops to support her, she's got my vote.

Hope your weigh-in is alright lisalulu - its tough being unwell and on a VLCD.

Lol summayah re: him indoors, I would be the opposite and eat loads if I was sulking!

Off for a bath, then I will watch the Britney Spears film (seen it before, quite enteratining). Oh, I do know how to live the high life!

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