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Extra Easy Saving up syns ??

Flexi-syns are not designed to give you a weight loss. Flexi-syns are designed to stop you going REALLY off track and giving you a sense of control (hence you can't say "I went completely over my syns last night - so I'll just put it down as flexi-syns" - where was the control???)
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I use my syns on a weekly basis because on a Saturday night MiL comes round with wine & chocs & 15 syns just wont do:D.

This is something I've always done & it's not hampered my weight loss. But I never carry syns over to the following week. I always start a new week with 105 syns.


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i have saved up my syns in the past, however i sometimes feel then that i am depriving myself!
I do my syns daily, but like Michelle said, you can do them weekly, that way your are sort of saving them up without realising??

Its totally up to you, i tend to do flex syns occasionally so im not depriving myself for the rest of the week, and i find it doesn't affect my weightloss much.

Kate x
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I prefer to have my syns daily but for special occasions or nights out I flexi syn.
I tend to have lower syns for a couple of days leading up to the night out then on the night have around 30 syns or more if I need them. I still keep within my weekly syns and find this really helps. xxx


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Using your syns on a weekly basis rather that a daily basis is a totally different thing to flexi synning.
Using syns weekly is allowed by SW and I have always done this.

Flexi synning is for special occasions only where you allow yourself an allowance so that you feel in control, you still have your weekly syns intact. You might not lose weight on a week where you have a flexi syn day.
Oh I didn't know you could use syns weekly aswell!! I always thought only daily :)

Thanks for the tips, I'm planning for my birthday night out at the end of the months lol. And normally events or nights out make me fail and give up. But this time I am determined to stay focused.
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Whilst doing SW a few years ago, there was mention of 'The Wendy Plan'. If I remember rightly, it was an American lady, called Wendy obviously!, that was doing WW, but plateaued for a long time so decided to change the amount of points she had daily, but the total amount over the course of the week was still the same. She claimed that this fooled her body into burning more calories due to daily changes. Anyway, a lot of the girls in class started doing this with their syns and it seemed to work really well.

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