Saying hello...


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I can't believe SW online doesn't have a message board!

I thought as a newbie here I'd better introduce myself and say hello. I'm 3 weeks into SW and 11.5lb down. Lots and lots to go but hopefully I'll be a little more svelte by June when I have a friend's wedding looming.

I'm 46, a single mum (son 16, daughter 14 :rolleyes:) and working full time.

Naturally "curvy" ever since I hit puberty I've piled on a ridiculous amount of weight in the last 6 years ago. Plenty of excuses - a prolonged and very acrimonious divorce, the boss from hell and then a pretty nasty car crash - not my fault I might add!

So I'd kill to be just curvy again - and this is more about staying healthy than anything else.

So fingers crossed and hello ...:)
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Devon Dolce

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Hellooooooo and welcome xx


synful soul
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Hellooooooooo from me too and welcome.



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Hello and welcome, good luck with your SW journey! :)

big bear

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Hello & welcome, you've done really really well so far. XX


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Thanks guys. :)

I hit post yesterday then realised I had to wait for the post to be approved by which time we had to leave for a family supper at my brother's :rolleyes: - our folks are staying there this week.

I'll probably be bugging you with daft questions as the teacher in my weekly class is brand new and has been doing SW less than a year herself. She's lovely but very much learning the ropes.

F'instance. Chinese pancakes, the steamed ones you get with crispy duck. How evil are they? :eek::D


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Welcome aboard! x