Scales are showing Weight increase on SS


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I am on my 12th week of SSing. For the first time, my weight have started increasing. Though its not much, yesterday it was .1kgs increase and again today .1kg. Has anyone experienced this?

I read one of the thread about calcium supplement and tried taking tablets and may be something was wrong and I puked and I was feeling very uncomfortable. So have stopped taking the tablets.

Any advice please
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Lipo

Don't worry and don't become too addicted to weighing, the fact is your body retains and flushes water all over the shop depending on time of the month and many other factors.

Even if the scales are going up then the fat is going down so just hang in there and the scales will eventually drop.

You cannot not lose weight if you stick to SS.



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Icemoose is right. Chuck those scales away (or give them to a neighbour for a while).

Your weight will vary with water - don't be fooled into thinking this is true weight gain. If you have stuck to SS you can't - you can stall, you can hover, but it will come off eventually.