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Ok ive done something a bit drastic but it had to be done. My scales were torturing me so much that everytime i went to the toilet, or in the bathroom for any reason i had to stand on them. Its so not good for you to do that....so i took them outside and threw them on the patio (lol). they broke, are now in the bin, and my obsession can no longer be given into!

Also, because of my fears of a low loss this week (periods grrrr) and also due to an extrmely busy week, im changing my weigh day to friday. gives me a few more days and also ties to get the scales addiction out of me lol. gonna start going to boots every friday morning to get weighed there.

Feel so much better now i dont have a "monster" in the bathroom hehe
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Now that's the spirit Mandy, I locked mine away but broke after 3 days, i still weigh myself but only in the mornings. Extreme girl, but well done.
I wish i had that willpower i have 2 scales i use every morning.!!
gets silly sometimes lol but like them this morning as they have moved.!
well mark i had given my scales to a friend. the plan was she would keep them and id get weighed there on a monday. she didnt even have them a few hours before i asked for them back. im obsessed! the scales tempt me even more than food does...ive also thrown away my ketosis stix. from now on its me, my shakes bars and soups, and boots scales on a friday. lol x

YAY Mandy!! You show them! Well done I am sending mine to the boyfriend's flat I think, either that or up on a very high shelf

Weighing at boots is a great idea, I might try that when I am back in England in 2 weeks :D
Aw no im not fussy about that lol. Although i nver wear jeans to get weighd, must be a psychological thing cos on weih day the leggings come out haha!

Please...dont do naked weigh ins in boots. can imagine being escorted (naked) out o the shop lol
That's impressive.

I'm trying to beat the scale addiction too. I realised that if the scales showed no loss or a gain then I'd feel rubbish all day long. I'm now limiting myself to two scale sessions a week. It's hard though.

I wonder how bizarre this compulsion with scales would sound to other people. My husband weighs himself twice a year - usually when he can't get his trousers done up or they are falling down. He thinks I'm bonkers.


Glamorous Gran
Hi, my name's Shar and im a scale addict...lol!
Thats tremendous willpower, am thinking of locking mine in the car as its too much bother to keep carting them up and down the stairs to my apartment...and the neighbours would think im loopy
hey its not been easy to break my beloved scales. ive already found myself on the argos website looking at new ones lmao. not giving in tho, it ruins my day more often than it makes it better.....time to giv up!


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Good for you! :)

I used to be completely addicted to my scales, too. I would go on them SO many times every day. It was awful - much better now that I've cut it down to once a week. Seeing the fluctuations daily were too disheartening & make me focus less on my overall weightloss each week & how well I was doing on the diet. I feel much better now - I hope you will too!


is slowly shrinking
i hate my scales as they put me in bad mood also. they are sticking at the moment and i don;t know why, if they don;t shift soon then i don;t know what i will do, i am drinking more water to see if that will shift more weight, but i dunno what else i can do. i am getting p*** off now.
Hang in there Calli, thats the bad side of weighing oneself everyday, I know I cannot really talk as my weight is just dropping off me but you will see the weight come off, I think you are just going to have to be patient. And what the hell would we do without you on the forum, no no, you will lose weight.


reaching my goal
the scales addiction can put you in a mood i find that if i weigh myself and it hasnt changed or ive gained it makes me want to binge eat . so hang in there everyone x


reaching my goal
well done , calli you can do it soon you will be 2 stone lighter xx

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