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Before i started CD i weighed myself at home on my digital scales and the Wii, and they both said i was 19st 1lb. When i went to CDC her scales were the dial type and she said i was 18st 7lb so a difference of 8lb. Ok i was okm about that but the following weeks the difference between the scales has got less and now hers are only weighing me 3lb less than mine at home. So by her records i have only lost 9lb in 3 weeks when my scales and the wii are saying 13lb.
I feel i should go by mine at home as i think the wii, more accurate. Would you agree or should i go by hers.
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Hi PB --

Hers are probably slightly out of calibration. The higher the weight the larger the difference. CDCs after move their scales, take them with them, tip them on their sides, put them in a bag for storage, etc. If you move a scale -- it needs to be recalibrated more often than not. So, if your scale stays in place or only gets gently slid along the floor and is on a hard surface... go with yours.

Also, either way you are losing weight... so Well Done!



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I think you should go by your own scales because then you can weigh yourself first thing in the morning after having been to the loo and minus clothing.

In my opinion, i think thats the best way to get an accurate reading :) xx


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I had the same sort of problem, week one our scales were out by about 2lb, but then last week her scales said I had lost 9lb which was about 4/5lbs out from what my scales said, today I had my weigh in and hers said I had put 2lb on!! and are now again about 2lbs out from my own....
It is so disheartening isn't it!


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I've told my CDC not to tell me my weight when she weighs me, unless i am 2lbs or less. That way i can focus on how i feel rather than whats on the scales.



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I do my own weigh in at home on my scales and show my CDC a pic on my fone, I prefer my own, plus I get to weigh in naked thus being lighter haha !