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Ok, I'm going to my first meeting on Monday evening, and I plan to adjust my ticker then to match whatever my LLC has me down as weighing.

Knowing that I'll be on and off them like the proverbial, should I put my scales away until I'm back on real food on RTM?:confused: I don't want conflicting readings, or to be discouraged midweek if I haven't lost much.:sigh:

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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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YES!!!! Banish them NOW!!!! :D

Home scales only cause grief and upset to people as they are almost always off from the LLCs scales - and peoples weigh changes various times throughout a single day, let alone a week.

If I had a pound (money, that is :D) for everytime someone was on here upset because of what their home scales said, and spent the days until weigh in stressed, upset, worried, etc., only to find on weigh in that they had lost several pounds!! :)

Its not necessary - if you are following the plan the weight is coming off - so you don't need to weigh.

Just rely on the same time/same day/ same scale at your LLCs for the most accurate reading.

Thats my opinion anyway. :)


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Yes get rid my scales caused me so much upset, I don't get on them much now but the temptation is still there x


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I agree with the others. I gave my scales to my mum cause I was on and off them all the time. One week they showed no loss and I was really upset, got into a tiz about it. When I went to weigh in I had still lost.

Its truly not worth it. Get rid of them!


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I agree with the others - ditch the scales for the time being. I took the decision to do so and am so glad. On previous diets I've got hung up on getting weighed all the time and it wasn't good for me. On LL, if you stick to the packs you will lose weight. Good luck!


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I'm swimming against the tide a little bit here, but I wouldn't get rid of my scales! I do get weighed every morning, but if I've seemed not to lose very much I try to up my water or increase my activity a little.

It all depends on what you are going to do with the information that your scales give you - if, even on previous diets, I'd not lost anything it would increase my motivation to do better and if I'd lost a lot this would also increase my motivation!!

Some weeks my scales have told me I've not lost a lot, and I've been prepared for LL weigh in, and have actually lost more than I thought, and other weeks I've lost more on my scales, but LL scales say less. This doesn't affect my mental attitude in any way though, as I know that it all works itself out!

I like being sort of prepared for whatever the scales at LL are going to say though, even though I never know for definite, if that makes sense!

If you know that they are going to affect you negatively though, GET RID!


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Turning the tide................

Im a NO SCALES person. They only cause grief. I won't have them in my house.
Never wanted them when I thought I'd break them and don't want them now.
Everyone following LL will lose weight. FACT.
Sometimes it's slower, occasionally you get a week when you stay the same and can't believe it BUT if you get weighed weekly at your WI it will be consistent. Same time of day etc.
Also if you weigh yourself daily it will affect your pschology and could cause problems.
We all have different metabolisms and other factors can cause weight retention.
Such as constipation,medication side-effects (read BLs diary).
Remember to keep the water up and no doubt ways od dealing with constipation will be discussed regularly at your meetings.
You will soon know if you have lost weight because you will reduce by about a stone and a clothes size per month.
Good luck.



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I'm still on and off my scales.........................I know I shouldn't!!!...........but they cost me £55 and I'm reluctant not to use them, (weight watchers top of the range all singing and dancing ones!!!) They are very accurate though, (trys to justify obessiveness lol!!)

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thats really what it comes down to LS, innit. If you are happy to see the fluctuations, and realise why they happen, and relax about it - I can see the advantage for home weighing.

But - more often then not it goes the other way with lots of tears and stress.

So, end of the day - if it helps, then use them - if its counter productive - save for RTM. Now, on RTM I weigh myself about 3 times a week. And its still way different then weigh in. lol

I want to get a good set of scales, and set up and maitain a weekly weighin at home now - to get in the habit.

Even though I completed RTM, I still intend to attend the weekly meetings indefinately, so weill get weighed there - but want to get in the habit of a consistant time at home. But I def need new updtated scales.