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Scan Bran Recipe Thread

yeh no probs

Makes 18 at 1 syn each

5 scan bran
3 tbsp nutella
3 tbsp golden syrup

Put scan bran in a bowl add a bit of water, crumble in to small bits

Stir in nutella and syrup

use spoons to mix ( saves hands getting covered and doesnt waste mixture,lol)

Spoon in to 18 cake cases (ball shapes)

Put in fridge for an hour

Then eat :):):):)


I found that i ate 15 in a day i was on the loo for the next 2 days from the fiber,lol helps to lose weight tho,lol
Hi, I just found this forum yesterday and joined straight away as it looked good.
In my class our consultant never used the golden syrup, but she did add some peppermint essence and it was a nice change.


soon to be skinny minnie
I made these the first time i started sw in 2003, they were lovely, will need to make them again.
im thinking of making these but just wondered, can someone tell me the syn values for 5 scan bran, 1 tablespoon nutella and 1 tablespoon golden syrup as i might try and use less and didnt want to use the scan bran as a HXB and last time i made them i didnt seem to get as many out of mine.. must have made them too big!LOL Also , do you level your tablespoons off or just put a heaped tablespoon in . I need to get a tablespoon me thinks also as I usually use a dessert spoon which is smaller isnt it?
thanks all
think ive done something wrong making these:( theyre pure mush lol how much water do you use..theyre in the fridge chillin hopefully get them into a bit better shape when theyre chilled ..i only got 9 out of that batch too x
My consultant used 2 weetabix from the HEX and it was a nice change from the ryvita.
If you leave out the golden syrup, how much less syns would these be???
Also, if I used 5 Rivita instead of the scan bran, what would the syn value be then?

Sorry for the questions, but really fancy making these this evening!!
anyone? Still havent made them yet!
The syn values for the ingredients mentioned are....
1 x ryvita original = 1.5 syns or 2 ryvita = heB
1 x weetabix = 3.5 or 2 weetabix = heB
tbsp nutella = 4 syns
tbsp golden syrup = 2 syns
Thanks Jojo...made them after all and I must say they were worth the wait!!
Just hard not grabbing one everytime I go near the fridge!

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