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Scan Bran virgin

tastes like compresses cardboard... looks like it too...
very dry and quite hard..
very absorbant though so a dunk in some water or maybe other liquid softens them up and adds flavour... ( soup, bovril, maybe coffee? )
How many should you eat? (i'm on extra easy) and what does it do just clear you out or full run's lol
I have one crumbled up and cooked in porridge or Paw Ridge (which you should to make it a Hex). I also don't mind one or two covered in Laughing Cow.

Five count as a Hex but I've never eaten that many in a day - on EE I tend to eat a lot of fruit and veg so think I get a lot of fibre that way, so don't want to overdo it!
5 scan bran = 1 B choice

simple scan bran recipe is
break up the s.bran into a sealable container.
pour lowfat yog over and mix well
then add lots of frozen fruit
leave in the fridge overnight and the scan bran is soft and disguised by the yog and juice from the fruit.

you can make scan bran cakes etc but it does need "hiding" lol.....
very good for scraping ice off cars :)
Well i am no longer a scan bran virgin and........... not the worst thing i've tasted! Had some with a littleAsda good for you cottage cheese with red pepper and chilli. Think the next time I would leave the topping on a little longer to "soften" the scan bran. 1 down 4 to go;)
Well i took a little trip to Holland & Barret today and bought me some scan bran eeeeekkkkk.
Thanks to Stacey i'm goin for it tomorrow Scan Bran cleanage here i come ha ha x x:D
Enjoy it :D
i think there wayyyyyyyy to hard to eat so i got some veg stock cooked mushrooms in the stock add laughin cow to melt in pour on top to soften and was actually ok :)
i just made the Scan Bran cake (recipe found on here - Sarah-Jaynes recipe - Thanks) tastes lovely! made the quark frosting too :)

yum yum yum!!!
5 bits of scan bran (B) soaked in hot water
drain the water and mash the scan bran
add 2 eggs and whisk
add as much sweetener as you like (personally i like it really sweet)
add 2 sachets of orange options sachets (2.5 syns each)
mix all together
microwave in a microwave proof bowl for 7 mins (i use a pyrex dish)

you can also mix some quark with the chocolate options to make a nice topping.
my friend ate it as her HEx 5 days out of six and lost a staggering 6.5 pounds that week!!! Previous weeks she had maintained or put on, so I think its worth the texture haha. I like mine just with Philly and cooked meats. Not a huge fan of the cakes except the ginger one, but might try them again esp the chocolate ones :)

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