scan tomorrow morning


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Hi everyone.

Im being sent to the early pregnancy unit tomorrow, after some harsh cramping and some spotting today. :cry:

il update you.

apparently statistics say that if you see a heart beat at 6/7wks, you ahve a 78% chance of a successful pregnancy, which i have done. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Hope it all goes well for you. *positive vibes* coming your way xx


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Ooo good luck!! Hope things go well! Keep thinking positively!! :D


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Hope everything goes well for you.

The amount of morning sickness only indicated increases hormone in the body though, not a healthy pregnancy - lots of ms could be a molar pregnancy. Not trying to worry you, just dismissing that myth.

Thinking of you xxx

Margery Dawe

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Good luck for tomorrow. xx


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please try not to worry, i had spotting, had to stayin the night whilst they checked but all was fine. please post as soon as ur back. i have been reading your posts and know you were poorly in hosp not long ago. you so deserve the best of luck darling xxx


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some people spot and have cramps right through their pregancies try not to worry to much hun as it wont do you or little one any good got everything crossed for you, and please think positively x


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Good luck Fern, I too had spotting during my pregnancy - it totally freaked me out but still everything worked out fine. Thinking of you xx


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hope all goes well.


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Good luck Fern, really really hope all is well.


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Good luck from me as well Fern.

Thinking of you .

It is really good that you are being so well supervised.